Santa’s Secret Workshop At STC TORONTO

Santa’s Secret Workshop at Scarborough Town Centre

Happy December! Yesterday my girls and I had the loveliest experience and I wanted to share all the magical details with you. We were invited to Scarborough Town Centre to experience Santa’s Secret workshop!

The girls are telling the elves what they would like for Christmas. 

It was a private family event exploring Santa’s workshop and also getting some one on one time with Santa Claus.  It was so amazing! We got to meet sweet and very energetic Elves and Santa too!

Santa talked to the girls and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. He also sat by the fire with the girls and showed them the workshop and how he makes all the toys.

He then opened up the magic toy trunk to reveal beautiful stockings. My girls then decorated their stockings with markers and stickers. Santa gave lovely sweets to them and gave them great big hugs.

My girls are so happy and this experience has been so magical and very special. Thank you so much Scarborough Town Centre! It was so amazing and my girls will remember this for ever!

Scarborough Town Centre also has the Holiday Market open with Various Vendors! Check it out as well. So many beautiful gift ideas. 

 To visit Santa’s Secret Workshop Check It out here:

 Scarborough Town Centre Visit the Website.  

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Each Visit to Santa’s Secret Workshop

As many personal photos as you wish to take

On the spot, professional photos sent to you digitally through a secure link

Santa visits to his secret workshop are by appointment only and will need to be booked online in advance

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your visit

Each visit can accommodate up to 5 guests including children

The secret workshop is located on the lower level by entrance 7


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Trick-or-Treat! Give Me Something Good To Eat! October 2018


I will start off by saying that I’ve been spoiling my self this month. I treated my self to a lovely lunch at Kwan Dim Sum Cuisine at Scarborough Town Centre. It was so delicious and fresh. The customer service was amazing and I will be going back very soon for more Dim Sum. So delicious!



I’ve also been enjoying beautiful LUSH bath products. Snow Fairy smells so amazing! Sweet like candy! We don’t have a Lush store at Scarborough Town Centre but if they open one up I will be very happy! Looks good enough to eat!


October has it’s warm beautiful days and I love capturing them with my camera.  If you like to see all my photography prints check them out on DEVIANT ART.


The fall weather brings on the importance of eating a lot of delicious chocolate and drinking cozy yummy tea. Yes very important. 🙂 Sweet Georgia Browns! Oh Yes! Purdys is one of my favourite Chocolatiers. Delicious!


I won these beautiful tea canisters from tealish. I’m so grateful. Very Autumnal and beautiful. They taste so wonderful and smell so good. Thank you so much tealish. Pumpkin Chai is my fave!

PUMPKIN CHAI ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom

APPLE CRUMBLE notes of apple and cinnamon spice

MAPLE CREAM notes of maple syrup with hints of walnut and apple


A beautiful new fall scent is VELVET by AVON. Very warm, sweet and spicy. I adore it. It’s very unique and beautiful. Eau de Parfum VELVET $35.00.

Velvet is crafted from the finest ingredients in the coastline, rose from Bulgaria and velvet patchouli from Java. These exotic ingredients create an elegant, long lasting fragrance that captivates with its addictive femininity. -Gabriela Chelariu, Perfumer


I’ve fallen in love with October’s beauty and charm. My senses tingle with the love of all  October’s festivities.  I’ve fallen in love with everything around me. I have my down days but count my blessings and feel gratitude.


Thank you October for your beautiful transformation. Your beauty is exquisite and very sad at the same time. As you drop leaf by leaf to the ground I know that we shall meet again next year. This is not a goodbye. I thank you for all your enchantment.

Thank you so much to Avon and TeaLish. 

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Hello June! Style and fun PR! 2018

easter banner

I’m so excited for summer. Sun and warm weather make me so happy! How about you? Summer breeze is my absolutely favourite.  I want to do so many things this Summer. I have so many plans and I hope to accomplish as much as possible. One thing I’m trying to do more of is enjoy the weather and be outdoors as much as possible. I’ve been vlogging a lot and started my garden! Have you seen my vlog? I would love for you to check it out and subscribe to my channel. It means the world to me!


Thank you to Avon Canada for the amazing goodies! My favourite is This Avon True Color Bronzing Palette and the Dazzle Drops. They make my skin feel sun-kissed and radiant.

Ways to Dazzle! Get your summer glow on and take it to the max! Whether it’s a strong streak or a shimmer or a deep bronze glow, you’ll be the hottest thing this summer! Avon True Color Dazzle Drops $18.00. Limited Edition Goddess Glow Avon True Color Sandy Beach Bronzing Palette is $18.00.

I also can’t live without my Avon Sun Plus 40 SPF for the face. A must! I get dark sun spots and I wear everything with SPF in the summer. Do you?


I’m also prepared for some soothing and cleansing face masks. Avon Brightening Clay Mask, Purifying and Calming masks are exactly what I need. The process of applying a face mask with a brush is so satisfying don’t you think? Everyone should try a face mask. They are amazing!

Three Anew Clay Masks each features a special ingredient to instantly address your unique skin care concern. With pure kaolin clay to help remove impurities from pores. $16.00 each.



I’m loving my new white * converse shoes. They look fabulous with shorts and dresses and they are very comfortable to wear.


I’m a HUGE adidas fan. I’ve been loving and obsessed with my forest green hoodie and my new Adidas originals Superstar Shoes. I love them so much. I’ve wanted them for the longest time. I bought both of these from the new Adidas shop in Scarborough Town Centre.

How do you like my new hair colour? Do you like blond on me? I’m not sure how I feel about the hair colour. I’m missing my copper hair colour and I might just go back to it. Let me know in the comments if you like it. My daughters say they love it.


The weather has been incredible and I’m very excited for this month. How about you? Las month I went to the Toronto Zoo last with my daughter’s class and fell in love with this butterfly. It’s so beautiful don’t you think?



Last month I visited David’s Tea at Scarborough Town Centre and received a free tea via Influenster. Have you joined influenster? So many lovely #GetItFree opportunities! Check them out. The app is super easy to use and fun. You get the chance to receive free products and review them for free! It’s so much fun and you will love influenster!

So at David’s Tea they made me “the tea of the day” and I loved it! I love the peach and strawberry iced tea as well. I think those two are my absolute favourite teas.



I also received via INFLUENSTER #Freesamples of Le Petite Marseillais in the new Mandarin and Lime bodywash. It’s absolutely amazing! The Poppy one use to be my favourite but now this smells so so good I think this is my new favourite one.


What are your plans for this month?

I can’t wait to share my summer adventures with you!

squeeeee! SO HAPPY!

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Thank you all!

Much love and happiness!



Anything marked with a * is an Affiliate link. Which means I make a little money if you purchase from the link provided. 🙂

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Hairstyle with Garnier! #WholeBlendsLounge

banner tropical summer

One week ago I had the lovely pleasure of visiting Scarborough Town Centre and was informed by my lovely friend and supporter online Joy that Garnier is having a social media extravaganza!  The #WholeBlendsLounge was set up with super duper cute things. It had an area for hair, a swing and bench for pictures and the loveliest station to personalize your own bottle.

Mine Says

Best Day Blogger Maria

Very special!


The first 30 people received special gifts and I was one of them. I received the Argan Oil & Cranberry Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s absolutely fabulous! Did you know that the Whole Blends are paraben free? This duo helps protect colour and gives radiance to the hair.

I was so excited and overjoyed to be at the #WholeBlendsLounge because I’m a HUGE fan of the Whole Blends Products, especially the new Oat Delicacy because I can use it on my children. I love how my hair looks and feels after using the Whole Blends shampoos and conditioners. My hair shines and feels soft and silky. It’s also very hydrating.

I was greeted and had my hair styled by Garnier Brand Ambassador Roger. He is super kind and did a fabulous job on styling my hair. I absolutely loved it! Thank you Roger!


Thank you so much to my friend Joy and to Garnier for all the love and support. I adore the Oat Delicacy new shampoo and conditioner. It is delicate enough for my children and this makes me so happy. I really want to try the dry shampoo and also their new Rose skincare Collection. So much goodness!

Dress is from H&M, Jean Jacket from Old Navy, Purse from Winners.

Thank you for reading my blog post and have a beautiful day!

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Happy February! A New Month & New Beginnings!

Happy February! Wishing you all a beautiful and magical month filled with love and gentleness. Be gentle to your selves and give your selves extra love and attention. I tell my girls this all the time, they need to take good care of their body, mind and soul. My girls always worry to please us (mommy and daddy) and friends and teachers but I always make sure to tell them to take good care of themselves first.


I can’t believe that January is gone. In all honesty I haven’t completed things I wanted in January. I’ve been looking for work and It’s been a challenge. Mentally and emotionally challenging. It’s very difficult to find work in the time frame that I’m looking for. I talked to my good friend Stashy over lovely coffee and dessert about finding work and she gave me many great tips for the interview process. A huge thank you to her! She also bought me a beauty brush that I’ve been wanting for a very long time and it’s the MAC blending brush 217. Thank you so much Stashy! It was so amazing spending time with you.

Thank you to Cinnabon for the lovely complimentary Cinnabons. I kindly received the coupons last year and I wasn’t able to use then until now. Cinnabon just opened up in Scarborough Town Centre. It was so delicious! The best part was spending time with Stashy and having a good heart to heart conversation.


I wanted to make a video of my Best In Beauty 2017 but that didn’t happen. I’ve been so busy. Mom life has me going in circles. Not going to get into the mom talk right now but if you like I can write a blog post on how crazy mom life can be? Let me know.

I’m planning to make a video for my recent favourites. Things I’ve been loving in December/January. Hopefully this will happen soon. Not sure though. The process of making a video and editing takes so much work. Some people think it’s very easy or fast but it takes about one hour just to set up and film, then editing can take two or three hours which includes the upload because my computer is ancient.


Last month I attended a Beauty Event! OMG yes! Can you believe it? Usually events fall on hours I can’t do. Last month I had to say no to three or more lovely events which makes me sad but that’s life. The hours that these events fall on is when I pick up my kids from school and during their bed time. Family comes first so I graciously declined. But I was able to go to the Dior Event because they had it set up in the morning! I’m so happy they set the time so perfectly because I was able to drop the kids at school and make my way downtown Toronto to the lovely and luxurious THE ADELAIDE HOTEL. It is the prettiest hotel I’ve ever seen! So luxurious! Fresh flowers everywhere!


From the moment I walked in I was treated so nicely and offered tea, coffee and food. All the Dior ladies and also bloggers were so lovely and kind. The atmosphere was the nicest and I felt really loved. It was the most comfortable and cozy beauty event. I loved it!


I learned so much about DIOR fragrances and foundations. I learned about the new serums and face cream which I’m so excited to share with you. I’ll be posting a blog post right after this one in more detail. I would like to say a huge thank you to Darline Chalmer and the other lovely Dior ladies. The event was beautiful and I kindly received a gift bag when I left. I’m blown away by the incredible products. I was in shock when I opened it up. I’ll share everything in the following post.


Overall I’m truly grateful for last month. I had the opportunity to spend time with my good friend Stashy and also attend the DIOR Beauty event. What a blessing! I’m truly grateful.  I also shared many lovely blog posts last month and I hope you had a look at them.


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I captured live moments at the DIOR event on my Instagram Stories,

If you like have a look.

I’ve added new artwork in my ETSY STORE!

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