I am so excited to share my skincare, makeup and entertainment favourites! Where do I begin? 😁 I will start with Beauty Favourites. I've been using these fabulous products everyday and I've been enjoying a light fresh no makeup-makeup look. Recent faves   Lipgloss Mac in the colour 203 Fashion Scoup Burt's Bees Blush in the colour … Continue reading FAVOURITES! BEAUTY SKINCARE AND ENTERTAINMENT

Hairstyle with Garnier! #WholeBlendsLounge

One week ago I had the lovely pleasure of visiting Scarborough Town Centre and was informed by my lovely friend and supporter online Joy that Garnier is having a social media extravaganza!  The #WholeBlendsLounge was set up with super duper cute things. It had an area for hair, a swing and bench for pictures and … Continue reading Hairstyle with Garnier! #WholeBlendsLounge

Wear It The Way You Want! New In Fashion & Beauty

STYLE! FASHION! BEAUTY! Cool temperatures are here and I'm happy to share new fashion, hair and makeup  pieces that I've been wearing and loving. I feel my style and the pieces I wear say a lot about my character don't you think? I personally like to wear one piece that is an accent piece. Like a … Continue reading Wear It The Way You Want! New In Fashion & Beauty

Garnier #NewWholeBlends Legendary Olive Trio REVIEW

  I have a short and sweet review for this magnificent trio! I really love Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive. The scent is so nice and I absolutely love that it is paraben and sulfate free. This trio has really helped my hair look and feel amazing. It has made my hair so healthy, shiny, … Continue reading Garnier #NewWholeBlends Legendary Olive Trio REVIEW

Lisap Top Care Repair | HYDRA CARE REVIEW

Lisap, a family owned business, creates all of its products using the finest and gentlest ingredients in formulations designed to restore the hair's natural balance and beauty. Manufactured in Milan, Italy, Lisap has been offering quality hair care products for almost 60 years and sells to salons in more than 50 countries. All Lisap products … Continue reading Lisap Top Care Repair | HYDRA CARE REVIEW