I enjoy skincare so much and Avon’s ANEW Hydra Fusion is everything I could ask for. I’ve been using AVON ANEW HYDRA FUSION Gel Creme and Eye Serum and I absolutely love them. They feel cool and refreshing on the skin and really hydrating.

Avon has come out with three more beautiful products from this line that I have added to my daily skincare routine and love. One is the Cleansing Micellar Water that gently lifts dirt, oil and makeup while boosting hydration. Also no water needed! $16.00 for 300ml bottle.

I really love using the In-Shower Mask. I just pat the liquid mask on wet, cleansed face at the end of a shower or over a sink. I don’t rinse. My skin feels so moisturized! Absolutely hydrating and so wonderful. I also use the mask after cleansing my face out of the shower as well. $28.00 for 200ml. I love that the Cleansing Micellar water and the In-Shower Mask have the perfect hole at the top for squeezing out the product out.

I’ve also added De-Puffing Eye Serum to my morning and night routine. It works so beautifully and really helps de-puff and hydrate the delicate under-eye area while reducing the look of bags and dry lines. The formula includes Hyaluronic Acid, Raspberry antioxidant and caffeine. 15ml for $35.00.

How lovely is the tip on the de-puffing eye serum? I love the slant and it glides nicely under the eye area.

Thank you so much to AVON.CA for personalizing my head towel. I appreciate it so much. It holds my hair up and away from my face when I’m washing and applying the product. It’s so beautiful to receive something personalized. It really makes me feel very special.

Thank you so much AVON.CA for the beautiful skincare. I’m a huge fan of the ANEW HYDRA FUSION SKINCARE LINE. I highly recommend it.

Thank you so much for your visit!

Top 10 Ways to BEST DAY your Skin!

I’m here to share my Top 10 ways to BEST DAY YOUR SKIN! Do you want to help your skin look and feel better? I hope this post will help you do just that.  The number one thing for me is drinking water. Always stay hydrated. The biggest part of our body is the epidermis and it’s important to keep it moisturized and healthy.


I know everyone has different skin concerns therefore choose products that have specific solutions for your needs. Oily skin needs different products then dry skin. It could be fine lines, hydration, age spots, sun damage, big pores, acne or rosacea. You can have multiple concerns. The products and tips posted in this post work best for my skin.


I have normal to combination skin. I also have fine lines, sun damage and my skin needs hydration. I love to use cream products in the winter and use light/gel products in the summer. I follow this skincare routine morning and night and I also apply Sunscreen with a high UVA-UVB protection everyday. My two favourite sunscreens are CLARINS UV 50 Multi-Protection and Garnier Obrelle 60 for the face. Do you have a favourite sunscreen for the face? Please let me know in the comments. Face products are different then body skincare. This post is for the face, under eyes and neck.


1. Drink Water

It’s important to stay hydrated. I make sure to drink lots of water and it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be infused water with fruits and herbs. Like mint and lemon. Orange and strawberries. You can also have tea, juice and coffee. Have fun with it and drink up!

2. Exfoliate/ Clean the Skin

I’ve been using and enjoying idc exfoliating cream and Marcelle Gentle Exfoliating cream. Both these products can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. I also love Marcelle gentle face cleanser which I’ve finished and need to buy another one. It’s so gentle and does the job right.



3. Tone 

I like to use toner. It feels like it makes my skin look and feel good. I really love pixi glow Tonic. I use a cotton pad and apply it to the pad and gently sweep it from the centre of my face upwards. I feel that pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic makes my skin really glow and feel good.


4. Serum

My favourite thing to do after I tone my skin is apply serum and let it soak in for five to ten minutes. I’ve been using the Dior serums and I really love them. I also finished and adore the No7 Serum and the CLARINS Hydra essential Serum. I feel serums are super important and give the skin the detail attention it needs. My skin’s needs are always hydration, fine lines, age spots and sun damage. Every product caters to different needs so get to know what you need for your skin.


5. Face Cream

It is important for my skin to stay hydrated all day. First thing in the morning I make sure I apply a sunscreen to protect my skin from the the UV rays. If my face cream doesn’t have protection I apply it separately. I also look for a cream that has age defying properties. My favourite cream at the moment is DIOR Capture Youth cream. I also use and love No7, ANEW Cream by AVON, CLARINS Hydra Essential, IDC and NIVEA Cream.


6. Under Eye and Neck Cream

The skin under our eyes is different from the face. It is more delicate therefore needs a light but effective cream. It’s important to get a separate cream for under the eyes and neck. My two favourite under eye creams are the ANEW Eye lift dual system and CHANEL Blue Serum Eye. I also used up my Clinique eye gel and I absolutely loved it!



I love the FIRM AND SCULPT for the neck and chest by AVON. It’s the ANEW PLATINUM CREAM. Very hydrating and great results!


7. Face Oil

I’m a big fan of face oil. I apply the oil right before bed because I find it really hydrates my skin. It doesn’t clog my pores at all. I wake up with my skin so soft and silky. My favourite skin oils are No7 Youthful Face and CLARINS Orchid oil which I’ve finished.


8. Face Masks

Face masks are super hydrating and relaxing. They can help detox and clean the skin as well. I use them two times a week. It’s a MUST in my skincare routine. Sometimes it’s a wet to dry face mask, an overnight face mask and sometimes a sheet mask. Here are some fantastic choices: AVON Beauty boost helps detox, Avon sheet masks helps hydrate and brighten. I love Dior one minute mask because it is silky and makes my skin supple and soft. One really soothing and hydrating face mask is KORRES Wild Rose. Absolutely amazing and it is gentle and soothing. A must try!


The CHANEL LE LIFT Overnight Face mask is also incredible. I’m almost finished it and highly recommend it.


Another favourite is the GARNIER SkinActive. Goes on wet and dries nicely.  It can be used as a mask and cleanser. It gives a lovely cooling effect and I love how it deep cleans and leaves my skin feeling so good and refreshed.


9. Eat Good Fats & Vitamins

Food can really help our hair and skin. Good Fats like nuts, seeds and fish are very good for the complexion. Also take your multivitamins.

10. Sleep

Getting enough sleep can really help your overall health and skin.

I hope my ten steps help you out. I would love to know what your skincare routine is like. I really enjoy trying different skincare products. I feel it’s important to try new products and give your skin a change. Some skincare might work for you and some might not.

If you do not see results after you finish a product then why continue using it? Also remember to ask if you don’t know enough about your skin. I feel it’s important to get to know your skin and give it what it needs so you can look and feel better.



New Skincare & Beauty AVON Canada

Happy Sunday! I’m very excited to bring you new and exciting products from AVON. I’m always thrilled to share what’s new and happening with Avon Canada and I hope you feel the same way. Winter has my skin feeling very dry and I’m loving the Avon Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration and Daily Skin Defense In-Shower Body lotions. These are fabulous because they are time savers. Love the fact I can shower and be done.

The Moisture Therapy in-shower lotion comes in four different lotions. Daily Skin Defense, Ultra Hydration, Calming Relief, Intensive Healing & Repair. The two that I’ve been loving and using are the ULTRA HYDRATION Shea Butter and the DAILY SKIN DEFENSE with Vitamin A,C,E, B5 for Sensitive skin. Really wonderful and also Dermatologist Tested. These are $10.00 each. TIP: These don’t foam up like a shower gel. This formula is best applied with your hands. Not a sponge or loofa. Apply it like you would a cream and then rinse.

*PR SAMPLES Available in February.71.jpg

Spring is in the air! Not just yet but with these beauties it sure feels like it! These smell so amazing and feel good too. Limited Edition Skin So Soft Comforting Shea Collection is available as of March 2018. Comforting Shea the unique blend of natural shea butter with Avon’s signature oils makes your skin feel nourished and comforted in a cloud of softness. This formula foams up really nicely and lathers beautifully! This comes in a Body Butter $9.00, Hand cream $6.00, Body lotion $10.00, bath oil $22.00 and creamy body wash $10.00.



Sculpt & Glow

Avon True Colour Transforming Contour Stick

Silky powder-gel glides on for smooth coverage $18.00

All over Glow Powder $18.00

Targeted Glow! Avon True Colour Illuminating Stick $14.00

*PR Samples



Savannah Blooms Nesting Bags with Dew Kiss Lip Dew Includes Dew Kiss Lip Dew and two nesting bags all decked out with Savannah-inspired designs $24.00, Mini Tweezer Set $12.00. Available as of February 2018 trough an Avon Independent representative or at *PR Samples and candy not included ;D


Thank you so much to AVON CANADA for the lovely *PR samples! Truly wonderful!

Have a magical Sunday everyone! Much love and Happiness!

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CLARINS Hydra-Essentiel Range REVIEW


I’ve been really enjoying and loving CLARINS Hydra-Essentiel range. This range really helps the skin regain its natural capacity to retain water. Intensively moisturized, skin remains so fresh and radiant in any circumstance. I absolutely love how it helps my skin stay hydrated all day long.  I’ve been using the Silky cream and Bi-Phase serum every morning and evening and I absolutely love how the two work together. Great Team work!

The plant discovery: leaf of life, a fascinating example of self-hydration. In its native Madagascar, the plant manages to remain full of water despite being exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Organic leaf of life extract powers the skin’s natural hydration at all skin levels, by boosting the production of water-retaining “sponge molecules” such as hyaluronic acid. -CLARINS


Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Serum 

30 ml $56.00

This serum is very refreshing on the skin. The formula is light and not thick. It protects agains the elements, leaving my skin soft, plump and radiant! This serum is for all skin types and ideal for normal to dry skin. This formula has organic leaf of life which is a super-quenching and succulent plant extract that powers the skin’s natural hydration to retain moisture in any environment, while organic May’s thistle helps improve my skin’s hydration process for all-day comfort. I use this by shaking the mixture and pumping product into my palms and applying it to my cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening. This is paraben-free.



Water is essential for life and also skin beauty. Heat, cold, pollution, stress and sudden changes in temperature and humidity-the skin is exposed to as many as 17 thermal shocks a day…Our busy daily schedule can dehydrate our skin. -CLARINS

CLARINS Hydra-Essentiel

 Silky Cream

50ml $46.00

I really look forward to putting this silky cream on everyday because it really helps my neck and face stay hydrated all day long. It really helps keep my skin feeling moisturized, fresh and helps with the overall appearance. I really love this cream and like how it doesn’t feel greasy, doesn’t clog my pores and absorbs really nicely into the skin. It truly feels silky and soft and makes my skin look radiant. I also love the packaging and the colour of the smoked glass. Beautiful!


My overall thoughts on both the serum and the silky cream is that they are truly incredible. Both of the products really help with skin’s moisture and radiance. I absolutely love Clarin’s skincare and adore the benefits that it offers my skin. Thank you so much to Clarins for the lovely samples.  I adore Clarins skincare and highly recommend them!

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