New Lisap Summer Care Hair and Body

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Whatever the weather, Lisap’s Summer Care Collection has been formulated for anyone who wants healthy, glossy hair that’s protected from the effects of the sun.

-Robert Baggio

Vice President Lisap Canada


Spring 2016 and Lisap introduces its latest innovation in haircare formulations, the Summer Care Collection. The entire product line has been designed in a calming palette of white and aqua and consists of four products that protect the hair and body by shielding against summer elements. I only used three products from this collection. I haven’t tried the oil but  I’ve been really enjoying using Lisap Summer Care Collection and love the scent. I’ve never smelled anything like this before and I absolutely love it!

The Lisap Summer Care Collection is free of parabens and includes Hair & Body After Sun Shampoo, Sun Protective oil Spray, After Sun Mask. Also included in this year’s collection is a novelty product, After Sun Body Milk.


Fresh and rich ingredients in Lisap’s Summer Care line such as Aloe and Pomegranate extracts and Babassu oil are formulated to revitalize and create a feeling of well-being. The vitamins and minerals found in Aloe and Pomegranate have an antioxidant effect and combat cell damage cause by free radicals and UVB rays. These extracts moisturize the skin leave hair shiny and protect the scalp. Babassu oil offers excellent moisturizing properties leaving dry hair soft and light.


Hair  & Body After Sun Shampoo Retail Price $18.95 – ideal for use in the shower, by the sea or pool, this after sun shampoo creates beautiful cleansed, moisturized and energized hair and skin.

Lisap Summer Care Sun Protective oil Spray  Retails $20.75– is a shine-effect spray perfect for sun bathing. Enriched with a UV filter, it envelopes the hair fibre with a screen that gives protection from the suns rays, before, during and after exposure.

Lisap Summer Care After Sun Mask $20.95– is for use after Lisap’s Hair and Body after sun shampoo. It combats dehydration caused by the sun, saltwater and chlorine. Its deep-down action provides the hair with the conditioning, moisturizing and nourishment it needs after you’ve been in the sea or pool. This works so beautifully. It really hydrates my hair and leaves my hair feeling really nice and smells amazing also.


Lisap Summer Care After Sun Body Milk

Retails for $26.50


This is a moisturizing milk that restores optimum moisture levels to the skin after sun exposure. The comforting feel of this refreshing milk moisturizes for 24-hours helping your golden tan last longer. This truly feels and smells wonderful on the skin. It really soothes and hydrates.

Overall the Summer Care line is really amazing and I find that the products are very hydrating and moisturizing. I love the scent and really love how my hair feels after the shampoo and hair mask. I love the body milk because it really nourishes the skin and makes my skin feel soft and silky.  I highly recommend these if you are going on vacation or go to the pool often. These are great to use if you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun, pool and ocean. Truly amazing scent and very hydrating, soothing and moisturizing.

Lisap, family owned business, creates all of its products using the finest and gentlest ingredients in formulations designed to restore the hair’s natural balance and beauty. Manufactured in Milan, Italy, Lisap has been offering quality hair care products for almost 60 years and sells to salons in more than 50 countries. All lisap products are dermatologically tested and received the seal of approval from the University of Pavia, one of the most renowned universities in Europe. Lisap is one of the few companies that is quality Certified to the Standard of UNI EN ISO 9001; guaranteeing salon superior quality products. For a salon near you that carries or uses Lisap products, visit http://www.lisap.ca

Available in North and West Vancouver, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau, Nepean, Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Granby, Grand-Mere and New Brunswick.



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In the Mail & IG GIVEAWAY!

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Hello my lovely friends! I wanted to share what came in the mail and what I’ll be reviewing soon. I’m very excited for the new articles and reviews that will be up on this blog soon.  It is going to be so exciting! More M.A.C products and swatches to come soon and I’ll also be reviewing EDEN FOODS Organic Miso Soups! I’m a huge fan of miso soup so this is very exciting for me.


Last year I reviewed Lisap Easy Build Hair Rejuvenation products and Lisap has come out with a new Summer Care Line and I’m very excited to review them for you.  They look and smell amazing and I can’t wait!img_3322

Also in the mail I kindly received my winnings from the amazing @thefabangels

So many beautiful products and I’ve been going crazy taking photos of all the products on my IG. Thank you so much to The Fab Angels! All these beautiful products are truly amazing!


Did I mention that I reached 2k on IG? OMG! I’m so grateful! I couldn’t of done it without you! I’m truly happy and I have a giveaway on IG open until April 30th so head over to my account and follow the rules to the giveaway to be entered! @bestdayblogger


I also received lovely Nail Wraps from DINKI BELLE! How pretty are these? I can’t wait to use these and I’ll post a picture on IG when I have them on. I’m so excited and I absolutely love the design and colour. img_3304

That is all for today my friends. Have a lovely week and I look forward to posting more exciting reviews very soon! Very amazing new products and swatches coming sooN!

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Birthday. Love .Gratitude

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It’s my 40th Birthday today! Woo hoo!


I would like to say thank you to God for everything he has given me. Life is a gift and I’m grateful to my mother for bringing me in to this world. I’m truly blessed and grateful for everything and for everyone who is in my life. Thank you all for your wonderful support with my blog and with your positive words and encouragement. I’m truly grateful.

Lovely gifts 

Truly grateful for the lovely gifts I received.  I’m sharing these with you not to show off or anything like that. Just wanted to share with you what I kindly received.

Here I have a lovely gift from my husband. He bought me a jean jacket from Forever 21 and some amazing aviator sunglasses. He also bought me beautiful flowers and a Michael Kors purse also a HARVARD Sweater. So happy and very grateful!


Last week the weather was so nice I went shopping at Scarborough Town Centre. I bought two lovely camisoles and a pretty handbag from Forever21. I also bought two quarter length sleeve cotton tops from ZARA and two perfumes. 


I also had my hair highlighted at the salon.


So today is my 40th birthday and I don’t know if you remember the post and video that I made about ’40 things to do before 40′? Well I wasn’t able to complete all the things on my list but I have half of them completed. Would you like me to update the post with the things that I  completed? Let me know. I also want to get back in to my vlogs. I’ve neglected my vlog channel and I really want to work on it more. What are your thoughts?

On Friday I went out with my good friends Leanne and Chris downtown Toronto and I’m really glad I did because I miss them so much and I had so much fun with them. Being a full time mommy I haven’t been able to go out and enjoy my self and It was so nice and really amazing to get out of my routine and catch up on good old times. I have a vlog from our outing coming very soon. We went to the Korean Grill House on Queen Street and it was really great! I’ve never been to a restaurant where you cook your own food so it was a really nice experience. After the restaurant we got some amazing dessert.


Here is a picture of my friend Chris, Leanne and I having fun at the restaurant. img_3407

After dinner we walked toward Spadina to grab some dessert and we spotted this amazing tribute. 3925

KeKou Gelato is  really delicious gelato. So refreshing and I love the flavours! I got Green Tea Whiskey and Mango. I miss it already!  

Here I am with my best friend Leanne. I adore her and she is a sweetheart! I’ve known Leanne for over 20 years and our friendship is truly very special to me.

Love you Leanne! 🙂

I’m truly grateful for all the people in my life including all of you who read my blog and leave me wonderful comments and support me. It means so much to me. Thank you so much! I also want to thank all the people whom follow me on other platforms of social media. It truly means a lot and thank you from my heart!

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family who came over, had cake with me, who left me messages on Facebook, Twitter and IG and on the phone. I love you all!

Thank you all for all your Birthday wishes and love!

I’m truly grateful, very blessed and very happy!

Vlog coming soon!

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