NEW AVON MAKEUP! Avon Lip and Eyeshadow Swatches

Happy September! I’m starting this month off with some lovely makeup! How exciting right? I haven’t worn makeup all Summer. I think only a couple of times. I’m happy to be back with some happy makeup posts and share my swatches and thoughts with you.

I was kindly sent some AVON PR and I really want to share them with you. I really like these products and feel that they are so good and affordable.

These are Mattitude Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks that are 4ml and $15.00 each. The formula is so amazing. I really love how light this formula is and also very pigmented. These definitely feel weightless and they are also paraben-, sulphate-, and phthalate-free. I love the positive and strong names that they’ve been given. There are 8 shades but I’m sharing four with you today. These have a very light nice scent but it doesn’t linger after you have it on. This formula is also long lasting.

Which colour is your favourite? Which one do you think looks best on me? I love Resolute and Devoted the best. Avon also has Resilient a dark blackberry colour, Relentless a bold red colour, Persistent a dark raspberry colour and Tenacious a dark wine colour. These are now available to order online. Check out if you like.

Introducing Glimmershadow! These are easy to apply and very buildable. they are two formulas, one is shimmery and one is glittery. The glitter formula has small flakes of glitter in it. I love the way they are soft and pretty. The glitter reflects light so nicely. The formula is soft and not gritty at all. I like the Shimmer formula as well because its soft and smooth and applies really nicely on the eyelid.

Silky, Lightweight water-infused butter base blends easily and dries down smoothly. Paraben-free. These are available in a shimmer and glitter finish. $10.00 each.

Bronze Age SHIMMER
Peach Sapphire GLITTER
Fool’s Gold GLITTER
Ultramarine GLITTER

Metallic Liners are so soft and glide on nicely. 10 hours of shimmery colour and long-wearing. Retractable and waterproof. 0.28g $9.00 each. I just adore these three colours for fall. These are the colours of fall right here. I Love them so much.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. Thank you to AVON CANADA for these beautiful samples! I love them so much. I’m truly grateful.

Have a lovely week!

Pixi Beauty Matte Last Liquid Lip Swatches #pixibeauty


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I kindly received a beautiful box filled with breathtaking Pixi by Petra Matte Last Liquid Lippies and I’m so excited to share them with you. I adore the formula so much. I’ve been trying this formula out for a week and I’m in love. The formula is light and made with rosehip oil which is very hydrating. It’s pigmented and long lasting.


The applicator is perfect. It has a sponge tip and it looks exactly like the Smashbox matte liquid lipsticks but the formula is better! This formula doesn’t dry my lips out. It feels comfortable on the lips and it is very light.  The tip allows me to outline the lips and no pencil needed. I adore all the colours. I can’t choose a favourite. Maybe you can help me out. I would love to know what colour you feel is best on me in the video.



FIRST Swatches 283

second swatches 287

swatches three 289

I love them all! Thank you so much to Pixi by Petra/ Pixi Beauty for the lovely samples. They are absolutely beautiful!

I’ll be mixing my own shade very soon. Pixi Beauty has provide four colours in the box: Red, White, Brown, Yellow and an empty container so I can make my own colour!


If my colour is chosen I will have the opportunity to travel to their LA studio and get a little makeover. How exciting right? I’ll be sharing #PixiByMe very soon!

What should I call my shade?

Thank you visiting pink

DIOR Electrify Eyeshadow Palette & DIORSHOW Pump ‘N’ Volume FEATURE banner gold


Everything is PERFECT when it comes to DIOR. I’m madly in love with the palette 357 Electrify and the DiorShow Pump ‘N’ Volume mascara. These two pieces are a part of my April Favourites 2017. Stay tuned for the blog post and video coming soon. This palette is everything to me this summer. I love the shades and the pigmentation is incredible. The mascara is fantastic and the formula perfect as it doesn’t clump but it gives volume and length.

Inspired by what is seen backstage and on the catwalks, Dior is moving in an even more audacious direction with eye makeup. Under the watchful eye of peter Philips, creative and image Director for Dior Makeup, lashes are dressed in excess volume and eyes are electrified. -DIOR


Let me give you a closer look at this delicious palette. My favourite colours are the peach, bright blue and the light champagne. I love them so much. The eyeshadows apply so nicely and blend really easily. I love the rich and beautiful colours. The colours bring so much focus to the eye and the formula shines so nicely. It  feels amazing to have these colours on my eyelids because they are very summery and fresh!





I absolutely love this palette. I love how the eyeshadow shines when it’s on my eyelids. So incredible. It illuminates! I also love the contrast between cool and warm tones. Do you?

The 5 Couleurs palette, emblematic of the Dior look and a concentration of expertise in terms of colour and visual effects, is reinvented in 12 colour harmonies. More creative than ever, with stronger pigments and richer effects, it allows women to explore every facet of colour and to express every aspect of their personality. Dior

Here I’m wearing the peach tone on the crease and the light blue and mint at the top of my eyelid. I also added the light champagne colour on the brow bone and used it as a highlighter. I added a little dark blue on the bottom and smoked it out a bit. The possibilities are endless with this palette. You can mix and match the colours anyway you like! On my lips is the Dior Lip Lacquer in the colour 344 Rolling. This is a beautiful summer look. I love the blue and peach so much. Do you?




From flexibility stems generosity, Designed as a flexible elastomer, the Diorshow Pump ‘n’ volume tube helps intensify volume, just like the formula and the brush.  Simply squeeze the flexible mascara tube to make the high-density formula ideally fluid, then envelop lashes with this generous product. The creamy formula remains intact down to the last drop, and the ultra volume effect maintains its impact.  At a touch, the brush receives an intense load of product. Never has a Dior mascara instantly deposited so much product on the lashes and delivered clump-free oversize volume in a single sweep. -DIOR

This is an incredible mascara. It makes my eyelashes fuller and longer. It gives them amazing volume and now I can see why they call it Pump and Volume. I absolutely love the formula and the wand. Very nice and easy to apply. Love the rubber tube. It allows easy grip for the product and makes it nice to hold.

The mascara has “The bounce effect: from brush to lash. A flexible tube combines with a bounce-effect brush containing two types of material: a rigid wand ensuring stable and precise application, and flexible spikes for ever-so gentle lash application. The formula also contributes to this unique, soft sensation thanks to a high concentration of waxes and to elastic powder, or “bouncy Powders” which lie behind the seemingly expanded lash volume. -DIOR


My two summer companions! I love them both so much and feel they are perfect for summer.  The mascara DIORSHOW PUMP’N’VOLUME is fantastic! I’m in love with it and highly recommend it. The palette is so stunning and I love the warm and cool tones mixed together. Absolutely fabulous set! This is perfection!

Dior-5-Couleur Eyeshadow $72.00

Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Black Mascara $37.00

Available at Sephora in MAY 2017.

Available at all other Dior retailers and related .com sites June 2017.


Thank you so much to DIOR for the beautiful PR Samples.

Heavenly! Stunning! Magical!

Thank you!

Here is an ART piece I made with the products featured in this blog post.



 DIOR Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Couture

Lip Tattoo Dior Addict #LIPTATTOO REVIEW

DIOR Addict Lacquer Stick 2017 FEATURE

DIOR Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Show #diorcouture #diorshow INFO POST

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Annabelle Cosmetics Fall 2016


I’m very excited to bring you the new and amazing makeup by Annabelle Cosmetics!

I really love Annabelle Cosmetics and I adore the new Fall Lineup. They have come out with brilliant new products and the formula and colours are AMAZING! The colours are perfect for any season and they are so pretty. I’m so excited to bring you swatches!

Oh yes! Let’s get this party started!

Here are the new TWISTUP METALLIC Retractable Lipstick Crayons!

Can you say B E A U T I F U L !


Annabelle Cosmetics has come out with six new beautiful TWISTUP METALLIC Lipsticks, 6 new gel lip liners and of course 7 New Mascaras!

Oh YES!  Mascaras and liners and lipsticks Oh my!


I have swatches for you today and I’m so excited to tell you that the formula of the lipsticks and liners are terrific! I haven’t opened the mascaras yet because I need to go through them one at a time. I know that the BIG SHOW mascara is amazing because I already finished one and I’m so excited that there’s a waterproof one!  I can’t wait to try all these mascaras and slowly bring you a review for each one.








These are all available now! Go check them out. I saw them at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. You can also buy them online! Check out Annabelle Cosmetics website.


Even though these say METALLIC they are not chunky or glittery on the lips. The reflecting pigments are super fine. You can’t feel glitter on the lips. The formula is soft and silky. They are smooth and feel really lovely on the lips. They have a nice shine to them but not too much and I feel they are not too metallic. I feel these are very wearable and comfortable to wear. They have a beautiful light metallic look to them but just the right amount.

OMG did you know you can use these as eyeshadow also?

“Dare to go metallic with our new TwistUp Lipstick! We are adding 6 metallic finishes to our already popular collection. Thanks to its nourishing and natural ingredients such as Omega 3 + 6 and Shea butter, your lips will stay smooth and moisturized all day. The TwistUp Metallic lipstick is long-lasting.” -ANNABELLE COSMETICS

These are $9.95 check out the website because sometimes they have them marked down. 😉


Swatches on the Lips



Heavy Petal

Nude of Fame

Purple Panache

Rock and Rose

Swatches on the Arm

Its creamy texture hydrates and smoothes your lips for a anti-drying effect.
The formula is enriched with beautiful light-reflecting pigments for intense colour and shine! Perfume-free. Paraben-free.-Annabelle Cosmetics

I absolutely love all the colours and I didn’t need to use lip liner because of the fine point on the lipstick. The applicator is really great and twists up when the product lowers. I absolutely adore these lipsticks and feel that they are beautiful and hydrating. I love the reflecting shine they give the lips and feel they are very wearable anytime of the year. The formula is very hydrating and light on the lips.

Which colour would you buy? What colour do you think suits me best? I Would love to know.

BIGSHOW Gel Lip Liners

These are the BigShow Gel Lip Liners. Don’t they look beautiful? I really adore them! They are soft and creamy and glide on smoothly. I love the variety of colours and feel that they can go with any lipstick and also can be worn on their own.


I adore all the colours and love how soft and creamy the formula is. They work perfectly with the Metallic lipsticks. What lip liner would you choose? Is there one that you like best? Do you wear lip liners? I would love to know.

So what are your thoughts about the new products by Annabelle Cosmetics? I would love to know! Have a beautiful week my friends!

*PR Samples. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. Thank you to Annabelle Cosmetics for the lovely samples. thank you for visiting blog



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Calling all Katy Kats! Our new Katy Kat Demi-Matte Lipstick is a purr-fect collection of velvety soft and luscious-feeling lipsticks with a demi-matte finish created by the one-and-only Katy Perry.
With 11 shades in all, discover a new matte lip look you’ll love that’s not flat or dry.


First and foremost I would like to say a huge thank you to Covergirl for this amazing and special package. It is stunning and I adore every single lipstick. I love everything about the lipsticks and the mascaras are amazing!! Thank you so much Covergirl!


Very happy to be writing this post because I love Covergirl and Katy Perry so I’m totally delighted and enthusiastic to bring you all the lipstick swatches. I adore the formula of the #KatyKatMatte Lipsticks. They are the perfect formula. Not dry and the most perfect semi-matte formula. I love the packaging as well. The lipstick packaging on the exterior has a rubbery feel to it which I like.


They are so unique then any other lipsticks that I have. The colours are perfect for all seasons and I love how the colour KP11 Perry Panther can be used to darken any lipstick and make any makeup look very dramatic! I also love every single colour they come in and they are all wearable, long lasting and beautiful. Have you seen my blog post from the Katy Perry Covergirl Launch? Just incase you haven’t here it is.#KATYxCOVERGIRL LAUNCH TORONTO


I really love all the colours and I’m here to share every single one with you and the swatches as well. There are 11 lipsticks in total and they are lettered KP and then the number starting with 01. The formula is a Semi-Matte. These are non drying and feel beautiful on the lips.











Perry Blue Mascara and Black Mascara

A lovely blue colour. I adore this mascara.



Black Mascara


Both of the mascara’s are really great and I love the wand and bristles. The formula is great and the packaging very my style. Minimalistic and simple. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it was helpful with all the swatches. I also hope you enjoyed the video. Would love to know what colours you like best. Do you have any of the #KatyKatMatte Lipsticks? Would love to know which ones. 

Thank you so much Covergirl!


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