Thanksgiving Poem

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely friends and family!


I am grateful for all those before me

that fought in the war

that walked on this land to explore

That gave life to fields and made them grow more.

I am thankful for my parents who worked so hard to give me the best life

They worked hard day and night.

Thank you God

Everything is a gift and an embrace.

Thank you for the food that we have on the Thanksgiving table,

We gather to share gratitude and grace.

I think of our loved ones that have gone from this life and I give thanks for all the special memories and moments we shared.

They will always be in my memory and never be forgotten.

Thank you God for our land and freedom.

Thank you Canada for the beautiful land, our communities and our multiculturalism.

Thank you for our amazing healthcare system, our angels our doctors and nurses.

Thank you for our History for if it wasn’t for our History we would not be here and would not be free.

-Maria Medeiros