Santa’s Secret Workshop At STC TORONTO

Santa’s Secret Workshop at Scarborough Town Centre

Happy December! Yesterday my girls and I had the loveliest experience and I wanted to share all the magical details with you. We were invited to Scarborough Town Centre to experience Santa’s Secret workshop!

The girls are telling the elves what they would like for Christmas. 

It was a private family event exploring Santa’s workshop and also getting some one on one time with Santa Claus.  It was so amazing! We got to meet sweet and very energetic Elves and Santa too!

Santa talked to the girls and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. He also sat by the fire with the girls and showed them the workshop and how he makes all the toys.

He then opened up the magic toy trunk to reveal beautiful stockings. My girls then decorated their stockings with markers and stickers. Santa gave lovely sweets to them and gave them great big hugs.

My girls are so happy and this experience has been so magical and very special. Thank you so much Scarborough Town Centre! It was so amazing and my girls will remember this for ever!

Scarborough Town Centre also has the Holiday Market open with Various Vendors! Check it out as well. So many beautiful gift ideas. 

 To visit Santa’s Secret Workshop Check It out here:

 Scarborough Town Centre Visit the Website.  

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Each Visit to Santa’s Secret Workshop

As many personal photos as you wish to take

On the spot, professional photos sent to you digitally through a secure link

Santa visits to his secret workshop are by appointment only and will need to be booked online in advance

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your visit

Each visit can accommodate up to 5 guests including children

The secret workshop is located on the lower level by entrance 7


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