Elizabeth Arden Launch Party A Dave Lackie Event #ArdenBeauty #ArdenLove

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On Wednesday August 24th I attended a Dave Lackie Dinner party for Elizabeth Arden’s  new skincare and makeup products.


The day started with getting my hair styled by a hair stylist from STYLU.  I’ve blogged about the amazing app on my blog, if you like have a look. STYLU New On Demand Beauty Provider app. Because I blogged about Stylu I was kindly given a credit for my blogging services. I’m truly grateful because my lovely Stylist Monique did an incredible job! I’m so pleased at how easy it is to book a stylist with Stylu app and I’ll definitely be using the app again. The app allows you to book anytime and any day to where ever you want! They will come to your desired destination. This is such a great app for busy mommies. I’m so happy about this app being available because it is very hard to take my children to the hair salon. This way the stylist will come to your desired address. It is the simplest and most easy app I have ever used and I will continue to use in the future.

Following the hair style, I did my makeup. I used Chanel’s Fall Collection followed by the outfit for the evening which consisted of black pants from Reitmans, black boots from Winners, a striped top and light red jacket by Susy Shier.


Here is the link to the striped top if you like. -> TOP

I then traveled down town Toronto to the Aria Ristorante which is located at 25 York Street. The private room was decorated beautifully with fresh flowers and beautiful linen. The decor was perfection!


Along with the decorations the Elizabeth Arden beauty products were displayed around the room with beautiful flowers and arranged so nicely for picture taking.  I love the creativity that went into the displays!


Truly exquisite don’t you think? I’m absolutely loving all the new lip products and skincare. I adore the new liquid liners and the fragrance is so sweet and floral. Very stunning! So many beautiful new products from Elizabeth Arden I can’t contain my self!


The evening continued with beautiful dinner and speeches.


 I also had the pleasure of being in good company with lovely guests and fellow bloggers.


Here I’m with the lovely Christine, the author of  Mom Loves Makeup. She is so kind, sweet and I really enjoy her company. img_6184

Here I’m having an amazing time with the beautiful Cat the author of  MyLipAddiction.com Cat is a ray of sunshine and beautiful from the inside and out! She always brings such positive energy to the room and the people around her. She inspires me so much!


Here is the inspirational Dave Lackie. He is so down to earth, kind and sweet. I highly recommend that you take a look at his amazing  Beauty Guide Magazine.  It’s Amazing! I also love his website and adore his lovely articles and giveaways too. I recently read the article on his website written by  and the article is  The Red Door a History of Elizabeth Arden. You should have a look because it is a wonderful article.


Hello from @Bestdayblogger 😉


I  had a really lovely time talking and chatting with all the guests and fellow bloggers. I’m totally honoured and grateful to have been in the same room with so many creative and wonderful individuals. Truly a blessing.

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Thank you so much to Dave Lackie and Elizabeth Arden for a magical evening and also thank you to Stylu for the opportunity to have my hair styled. Thank you to my stylist Monique for the most beautiful hair style! Thank you all so much for the most magical event and evening!


The very next day I opened my lovely gift bag filled with skincare and makeup. #Ardenbeauty & #ArdenLove

Thank you so much again to Dave Lackie and Elizabeth Arden for the beautiful gift bag!


Would you like a review of any of these products? Please let  me know and I will totally review a product of your choice.

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I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Katy Perry Covergirl Launch in Toronto and I’m so happy to bring you the video and images from this stunning event. Unlike Alice in Wonderland I was early so I decided to get a coffee. Have you been to Rooster Coffee House on 333 King Street East? Amazing coffee!

The Event took place at ‘The Loft -Andrew Richards Designs’ Down Town Toronto. The first thing I spotted on arrival was the most beautiful image of Katy Perry. I had to stop and take a picture. Just had to.


I was greeted at the door and then I looked up and on the brick wall I saw all the beautiful #KatyKatmatte Lipsticks all in a row. I walked up the stairs and walked into a different world. I felt like Alice in Wonderland!






I was greeted and offered a drink and hors d’oeuvres. The hors d’oeuvres were so so delicious! Truly mouth watering. I walked around and looked at all the displays and was truly blown away by all the creativity that went into the entire room. So much colour, texture and fun!

I then bumped into a few amazing Canadian Beauty Bloggers and it was so wonderful to meet them. I had a lovely time with Julie from Swatch & Review. Her blog is truly inspirational. She’s also written a post about the  Launch Party and she has amazing swatches of all the lipsticks. Go and have a read! I want them all! I had a lot of fun with Julie and we took some fun photos in the photo booth that Covergirl set up.  So cute right? I love them!


Here are a few photos of the lipsticks. I wanted to stay there all night taking pictures.




After looking around eating and drinking we had a lovely presentation. The amazing, talented and funky Veronica Chu gave a demonstration on the mascara and a couple of the lipsticks. Very informative and great tips on how to wear the mascara, lipsticks and colours with style. I love her presentation style and I also love her brilliant makeup skills. She is AMAZING! * Not to brag or anything but she is following me on twitter! Squee! oh yes and the crazy thing is i’m friends with her brother Chris and I didn’t even know they were siblings! I found out about Veronica last month when I went out with Chris and Leanne.  Did you see my blog with Chris and Leanne? VLOG Birthday. Love .Gratitude.

Coincidences like this are MAGICAL!


After the brilliant presentation we had the opportunity to try on one of the lipsticks. The lipstick colours are Coral Cat, Cat Call, Magenta Minx, Kitty Purry, Sphynx, Crimson Cat, Cosmo Kitty, Maroon Meow, Perry Panther, Catoure and Pink Paws. If you would like to see the swatches head over to Julie’s Blog. I chose the colour Magenta Minx and I love it!


Overall the launch was a huge success and so much fun to be a part of. I had a fantastic time. The venue was incredible, the food and people that worked that evening were amazing.4263

I really enjoyed all the food and drinks. I loved the music by DJ Natalie Sydoruk.

Truly fantastic and unforgettable evening. Thank you to everyone involved in this great Launch. It was truly magical and amazing!

Thank you COVERGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers and to Julie from Swatch and Review. 



I’m truly grateful!



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H&M Launching a New Beauty Department at the Eaton Centre!

I had to share this info with you ASAP! I’m so excited!

H&M is proud to announce the arrival of a new range of beauty products. The department opens today at the Canadian Flagship in the Toronto Eaton Centre, with a full collection of makeup as well as haircare, body care and beauty tools.

Fashion is at the heart of the range, with an ever-evolving makeup selection that focuses on seasonal looks, ideas and colours.

9205_PR_07_sRGB_729205_PR_08_sRGB_72The launch comes at a time when makeup is more important than ever as an expression of personal style, whether the look is natural, classic or fashion-forward. There will be new, dedicated beauty areas in the stores to help customers experiment with trends and develop a look that’s all their own.

9205_PR_06_sRGB_72“We are very excited to have ‘fashion for the face’ on offer at H&M. It’s an opportunity to be inventive and creative, and to have fun with colours”- Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty

Over 700 beautifully packaged makeup products will be introduced in the launch, followed up with seasonal drops of new and limited-edition colour collections. The range, which will replace existing beauty products at H&M, will also include two subsidiary collections: Premium Beauty Line and Conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products.

9205_PR_05_sRGB_72To celebrate the launch, H&M will activate the H&M Social Beauty Bar within the Toronto Eaton Centre on the second level of the mall near Queen Street. From September 17th-20th,  H&M will offer instant beauty gifts through a social media activated vending machine, in addition free touch ups and tips from makeup artists. Street teams will round out the activation offering passersby information about the Social Beauty Bar and the new Beauty Department. image004

Truly excited and I can’t wait to see all the new and beautiful products that H&M have come out with! See you all there!