Vlogmas week 3! Merry Christmas!


Thank you for watching my vlogmas. It means so much to me. I am truly grateful. Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation during the winter months. Take good care of your selves. self care is so important. Do things that bring you joy. Light those lights, put music on, have a cozy bath and tea. Watch your favourite films and do things that bring good feelings to you. When you feel good things around you will be good. Sending you all positivity and joy. See you next week! Please give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe!

Dear January…

I poured a lot of creativity into the pages of my sketchbooks and notebooks. I avoided any physical exercise. I know I said I would do yoga but I’m not into it. Just not feeling motivated. As we move into February the sun helps brighten my spirit.

I’ve been writing poetry. I’ve been sharing my poems on IG. @bestdayblogger because I don’t have my computer to upload and edit my vlogs as much I’m spending time on Instagram Reels and IGTV. This year is my first time using those features. It’s fun.

I created a video for my Art Book Flip Trough.

I created a video of my tea collection. I’ve been into a lot of tea drinking lately.

Reading art and writing is how I’ve been spending my creative time. The rest of the time I’m doing laundry, washing dishes and cooking. It gets dark at 5:30 and I hate it. I feel tired and want to sleep a lot but can’t.

Currently reading Alice Hoffman’s Magic Lessons.

I am really enjoying this book.

I completed A Poem For Every Winter Day. A very lovely collection of poetry.

Art in my Moleskine Artbook. I completed my first book. I didn’t use both sides of the pages.

The moon was so beautiful in January.

As for beauty I haven’t put any makeup on. I only use skincare products. Clarins, Pixi Beauty Skincare and Avon Skincare. I will be doing a full skincare winter routine post soon.

That is all for this month. Art, writing, tea drinking and reading. Taking care of the house chores and cooking. Feeding, bathing and taking care of my girls. Taking care of my self also.

I watched a Netflix movie in January. I LOVED IT. It is called Penguin Bloom with Naomi Watts. Based on a true story. It was amazing! You must watch it.

This month’s favourite snacks are chocolate and popcorn. 🍿

I’m also loving my new fountain pen. It’s really beautiful. I received this as a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband. I also completed my Tea Pigs advent calendar and loved opening a tea everyday. It was amazing trying different flavours of teas. Tea Pigs is great!

So goodbye January 2021! I enjoyed each moment and cried many nights missing my father and thinking about him. I had a few sleepless nights. Puffy eyes and bags under my eyes. It is hard. Flashbacks from the final hours with my father come to me all the time and I just start crying. I know the good memories will float above the sad ones one day. Until then I light my candle everyday and pray.

I hope you are all well my friends. Take good care of your selves and your family during these hard times. Spend your time doing things you love and things that bring you joy.

Thank you all and have a beautiful weekend.

Much love and positivity.


Dear July…

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Dear July,

Your beauty surrounded us. The weather was so beautiful and we made some lovely at home memories. The garden is growing nicely.

Sun rays through my hair and face. Summer warmth, heat embrace. I watered the garden and ate delicious raspberries. I heard sounds all around me, neighbours, cars, trees, birds. It brings me a little joy and I feel a little normal.

Nature makes me feel safe. Summer days come and go. Birds are chirping and singing hello. I’m surrounded by your energy, embraced by your calmness and feel your love. I seek positivity and joy in life’s simplicities. The daily chores that bring me joy even in the smallest ways. One step at a time during these challenging times. 

Outside in the garden I saw various birds, cardinals, robins and some squirrels. Animals visit our home to say hello. Bunnies, foxes and racoons. Butterflies fly around and buzzing bees around my ears. You are glorious and majestic my sweet July. I am for ever grateful for your love. I hear cicadas loud and clear. Also neighbours all around. Kids playing and  spending time together. There’s a deep happiness and a deep sadness that fills my heart. I feel its so busy in this city, so much noice from the cars. July you rarely brough rain. A few times only and the earth became so happy yet again.

Thank you so much to Pixi Beauty for the lovely *Gifted items. *Not sponsored.

Thank you so much for watching my video and reading my blog.

Much love and happiness.


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Dear May…

You are beautiful in every way. Your skies are sometimes blue and sometimes grey. The trees are full with beautiful blossoms. My vase is full of gorgeous flowers and I close my eyes and take a deep breath to inhale the wonderful fragrance. You keep my heart filled with joy and gratitude.

Everything has turned green and blossoms are out. They smell so lovely. I’ve been keeping busy taking photos and the prints are now available in the print shop.

I’ve also added some original art pieces on ETSY.

I’m doing what I love and enjoying the process. I’m trying not to think too much or even control things around me. I’m just letting go of all expectations and trying to live in the moment. Just going more with the flow. I’m getting better from this horrible cold that I’ve had for over two weeks. I can finally breathe and I’m coughing less which is good.

My top is from H&M if anyone is interested. I fell in love with the yellow flower print. So beautiful! *Not sponsored! here is the link H&M

On May 24th hubby and I celebrated our 16 years of marriage. It has been an amazing journey and I really look forward to spending many more years together. We had a beautiful dinner with the family and I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

This last week even though my cold was hanging tough I still managed to make yummy chocolate chip banana muffins, bake bread and do all the laundry. If that’s not a supermom I don’t know what is! I even had my little one help me with the baking! WOWZA! 😀

The bread turned out so good I made two more. Thanks to my sister in law Lori for the yummy recipe.

Even though this month my my father went back to Greece and I got sick I still am so grateful for everything that happen in May. I am grateful for everyone in my life. I’m grateful for each moment. I truly hope that Gratitude plays a huge part in your life as well. Everyday is a gift from God and a blessing.

I can’t help but think about June and I’m really excited. Be sure to follow my summer journey on the Channel and Instagram.

Much love and bless you all.

Love and Peace