Weekly Vlog | Self Care, Mom Chat and Artwork

I hope you are well my friends. I hope you take good care of your self and do some self care. You are important! Thank you all for your comments and support. I appreciate it so much. Thank you for subscribing to my Youtube Channel. It means so much to me.

Have a lovely Sunday and see you next Sunday!

Weekly Vlog | Haul, Hot Chocolate & Biopsy

Hello friends! Hope all is well. I hope March is treating you well. I’ve been busy with keeping the house clean, working out and trying to participate with #The100DayProject. I’ve been trying not to stress for the Biopsy results which I will get next week. Thank you all for following and commenting on my Youtube Channel. I appreciate it so much. Have a beautiful week and see you in next weeks vlog!

Hello It’s Me

Bestdayblogger ❀️ Maria


I am very excited to be writing on this blog again. I’m managing two blogs at the moment. I love it.

The Beautiful Fantastic and Bestdayblogger.com

I hope you are all well. I moved to PEI! We moved here in September and then got hit by Fiona. It was so scary but we made it through with little damage to the house. It has been a lovely change moving from a busy crazy congested city life to a rural calm and relaxing lifestyle. It’s a true blessing and I am so happy. I have uploaded updated posts if you like to read more about my move to this beautiful and lovely island. Moving Blog Post, Autumn in PEI, Focus on Joy and Love.

I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded my photography and artwork to Red Bubble and I am very happy to share my artwork. It brings me joy. What brings you joy?

I will be filming VLOGMAS on my Youtube Channel so please subscribe.

Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful November! See you for Vlogmas on my Youtube Channel! Much love and positivity!