Nair Wax Ready Strips – REVIEW

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This is a collaboration with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.


4988I’m here to share my experience with Nair hair Remover ready Wax Trips. I’ve never tried Nair wax trips before. These are made with 100% Natural sourced ingredients and made with Rice Bran oil.

-No warming or rubbing required

-Waxing made easy

-Dermatologically tested

“The only truly ready-to-use wax strips” -Nair

In the package there’s forty wax strips and 4 wipes. The oil formula in the wipes is really nice. You use the wipes after you wax to soothe the skin.  The instructions are easy to use and the strips are easy to peel and apply.

Everybody is so different when it comes to hair growth and some people have thicker hair some people have thinner hair. Some people have coarse and some people have sparse hair. That being said I feel that I have a lot of hair but that’s not what my aesthetician tells me. She said I actually have less then others. So we are all different and It’s okay to have hair. You can read my hair removal journey in my first article  Summer Ready with Easy Waxing Kits.

I’ve been waxing for many years so the application and use is super easy to me.  I feel that this kit is really great but for me it would take more then one package to do everything and it is time consuming. The kit works great though. I really like how simple and easy it is to use.


If you have never waxed before I would recommend going to a professional first. Then when you get a few hairs growing back I would use the strips. These would also be great to take on vacation and to have when you don’t have time to go to an aesthetician.


 I usually  get professionally waxed and when some hairs come back I use the Nair Wax strips for this reason. I will definitely buy these strips to have as a back up for minor hair growth. They are easy to use and simple. They really work.

Thank you to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers and to Nair for this lovely opportunity.


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Summer Ready with Easy Waxing Kits!

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I’ve been shaving and waxing my body hair for a long time and I’m here say right off the bat that It’s okay to have hair! It’s not a “BAD” thing. I should of listened to my mother when I was 12 years old, she told me “Don’t start shaving”.  I wish they taught these things at school to be honest. Back then they didn’t teach about puberty and hair growth until grade seven and I feel it should start at grade five. Well that’s when things started to change for me.  So when I was participating in gymnastics one girl said “You’ve got hair on your legs”.  It was never a problem until that one girl pointed it out and I felt really bad. So I started shaving and never stopped shaving until I started waxing when I was in my twenties. I was introduced to waxing from a close friend. Thank goodness because at least I didn’t have to shave for three weeks but it can get expensive.

When I started waxing It was bitter sweet with the process because it hurts but the results last longer. I  only wax in the summer because in the winter I don’t show my legs as much unless there’s a party to go to and I have to wear a dress. That being said I like to have smooth skin and prefer not to have hair on my body. It irritates me. I don’t know why I just don’t like it on me. So I use to go to a lady to get waxed but I moved from that location and I haven’t been back to her for 4 years. It’s the only lady I go to and I feel really comfortable with. That being said I haven’t been able to go back for a while so I started shaving my legs again. Annoying really because my skin gets itchy and then I look like a cat has used my legs for a scratching post. I’m rambling. Let me get back to the topic.

I have some dark facial hair on the upper lip and on the chin and as I get older I’m finding more which is annoying to me. For my upper lip I use a hair removal cream.  I also use a hair remover machine on my arms. It hurts a little and I get red bumps but the bumps go away after a day. It’s hard being a girl! I’ve never tried laser hair removal. I wonder if the hair grows back? Please let me know in the comments. I’ve had electrolyses done on my upper lip and chin and it hurts so so much! I don’t recommend it at all!

So I kindly received  SWEETEASE FACE WAXING KIT & PARISSA BROW SHAPER for review purposes. I was worried about receiving the waxing kits because I’ve never waxed my own hair before.  I accepted the review challenge. Yes I call it challenge because lets face it, when it comes to pulling out your own hair its a challenge! For those of you who don’t wax its like pulling a band aid off the skin with the hair still attached to it! OUCH!

So I received the PARISSA BROW KIT and the kit comes with the instructions, the waxing strips and the after oil.


Brows are SO hot right now and our ready-to use Brow Shapers make DIY eyebrows a breeze. Parissa Brow Shapers are pre-lined with our gentle formula cream was-perfect for those delicate areas around the eye. But don’t stop there! These little beauties are also perfect for fingers and toes during flip-flop season. Perfectly sized to snug right up under your brow for the perfect arch-nothing makes brow shaping easier or faster. Parissa Brow Shaper is a complete kit with everything you need for salon-style brows (without the salon price tag!) including 32 mini wax strips, one vial of soothing Azulene Oil Aftercare and easy to follow instruction. That’s enough for 5 complete treatments-less that $2/treatment.

Available at Shoppers Drugmart $10


I followed the instructions and cut one strip. I then opened it slowly like a butterfly. Each piece I cut off has two strips. One for each eyebrow.


I really don’t like to make my eyebrows thinner. I’m actually trying to grow them in as much as possible but I just like to clean up the area around the eyebrow so I used the strips for this reason.




I applied the strip underneath the eyebrow.  I then held and  pulled back my skin at the temple area. I then pulled the little strip off really quickly. It was super easy! I actually really enjoyed doing it! I then applied the lovely oil to soothe the area. 4412

I’m very impressed by this kit and feel it is super easy to use. I didn’t put the strips close to my eyebrows because I’m trying to grow them out.  I wanted just to clean them up a bit and these work fantastic! Have you ever used parissa before?

 I also received SWEETEASE face waxing kit.

This retails for $5.99

Website is

I saw these at Walmart the other day. You can check them out there.


I don’t usually wax my face but I remove hair on my chin and upper lip so I thought I would use it for these two areas. I don’t have photos to show you but I’m here to share my experience with you and how I feel about this kit.

“These little strips are perfectly sized for the job and preloaded with gentle cream-wax that will take care of facial hair and sensitive skin. No Stress. No Redness. No problem. Just smooth kissable skin!. Price $5.99”

The kit comes with 16 strips, instructions and two after wax wipes.


The Directions are

Peel Strips apart, by warming strip in your hands

Press the strips onto any unwanted hair

Pull the strip off quickly. speed counts!


These were easy to use. The strips didn’t remove all the hair. I had to go in with tweezers afterwards. I really love the after wax wipe. The scent is amazing and they work nicely on the skin.  Overall the kit is really good and I would buy it. It gets rid of the majority of unwanted hair and I will definitely be using the rest of the strips this summer.

Have you tried the PERSIAN COLD WAX? I totally want to try it.

Let me know if you’ve used it.

Familiar to generations of Eastern women, this timeless waxing recipe is a renowned gold standard in hair removal. The authentic formula combines simple, all natural ingredients perfect for women in search of extraordinarily smooth, hair-free skin from head-to-toe. Persian Cold Wax is strong enough to remove even the toughest hair, yet gentle enough to use anywhere on the body, even on your most sensitive skin. The centuries-old recipe is a sugar-based hair removal paste that lifts hair from the root, keeping skin smooth for weeks while simultaneously slowing regrowth. The water-soluble formula rinses away easily with warm water, leaving no residue behind.  The KIT CONTAINS 240ml (8fl oz) Cold Wax, 30 non-woven fabric strips, wooden spatulas, easy-to-follow instructions. The Ingredients are Sucrose, aqua, citric acid. Available Nationwide for $15

My overall thoughts

What I like about wax strips is that they are easy to use and the hair remains off longer then shaving or hair removal cream. I’m very happy with both waxing kits. I do recommend them because they are easy to use and they work. The instructions are simple to read and follow.

Have you used these hair removal kits before? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts about them. I would also like to hear about how you manage and remove your hair. Usually if I were to go on vacation I get a full body wax. Yes it hurts and I take advil before the waxing but then I’m left with no hair for 3 weeks and my hair grows back thinner. When I shave the hair grows back faster and thicker. So I prefer waxing to be honest. I also get rashes when I shave. Not a fun thing but I have to shave for now until I make time to go to the lady that use to wax me. Until then I’ll be using a shaver for my legs, a hair removal machine for my arms and these waxing kits for the eyebrows and upper lip/chin.


– Bikini Waxing Kit, $5.99
– Face Waxing Kit, $5.99

– Leg Waxing Kit, $6.99
– Available at Walmart and Loblaws

– Washable Hair Remover for face, legs and body
– Sensitive Skin Formula

– Sugar-based traditional Persian recipe hair removal paste that lifts hair from the root and keeps skin smooth for weeks

– Retails for $15 and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart

– Perfect for delicate areas around the eye s
– Kit includes 32 mini stripes, Azulene Oil Aftercare and easy to use photo instructions

– Retails for $10 and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart 

These two waxing kits are Bestdayblogger approved!

*PR Samples. Not an AD. Not Sponsored. All opinions expressed are all honest and true.

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