Dear May…

Thank you all for your lovely support. I appreciate it. Thanks for watching my vlogs. It means so much to me. I enjoy making videos and I hope you join me this summer. I’ve already started vlogging and will be uploading a weekly vlog. Thank you for your continuing support. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. 🙂

Also my code with has been extended to June 30th!

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Not sponsored. 🙂

Thank you all so much!

Have a beautiful month!

Maria 🙂

Two Years Post First Chemo #MyCancerJourney

Thank you all for your comments under the video. I just went through them. I can’t believe it has been two years. God I am so grateful to be here and to be alive. It is a blessing. Thank you from my heart for all your love and support my friends. You are amazing. God Bless and thank you!

Happy May! Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks

Happy May 1st! I am truly excited and very happy to collaborate with leuchtturm1917. They kindly sent me three stunning notebooks, a pen loop and a pencil.

I’ve been using Leuchtterm1917 notebooks/bullet journals and art books for 4 years now and I’m very impressed by the quality of the product. Strong and sturdy. Never falls apart and I love ❤️ the thickness of the 120G edition. The 120G edition has:

• 120 g/sm paper from Germany
• Smooth writing surface
• Very low transparency
• Suitable for a variety of writing instruments
• Available as Hardcover in format Medium (A5)

Link to product

This is not sponsored. These beautiful notebooks were gifted to me and Guess what?

They have given me a gift code for all my followers! The code is:

MARIA20 for 20% off your purchase! May 1 to May 31st 2023.

Check out the website!

They have so many wonderful selections on the website and a notebook for everyone! You can even customize your name on the book cover.

So amazing 🤩 Danke to @leuchtturm1917canada for collaborating with me.

It’s truly an honour and I’m very grateful.

Reading Anne Of Green Gables & A Proper Cuppa of Tea!

Hello my wonderful friends! I hope you enjoy the weekly vlog and would love for you to subscribe to my channel. Thank you so much and have a magical Sunday! Happy Orthodox Easter! God Bless!