What are some of your favourite nail polish brands? There are so many out there it’s crazy! I’ve decided to show you a few that I use and enjoy. I like these because of the formula and the longevity that the polish stays on my nails. Of course I also love them because of the colours and textures. 


So pretty and very affordable. I love that they have textured nail polish also. They have the glitter but they also have sand texture too. Very cute bottles also. 

This collection is from cover girl. It’s from last year. The bottles are cute and small which I love. The colours are beautiful and perfect for spring. They have day and night tones. Very beautiful and glossy. 

Of course the amazing essie brand is one of my favourites! I love this Color for Spring time. This colour is “full steam ahead”.  I love all the colours that essie has and love the formula as well. 

Sally Hansen is amazing!

Love the formula and colours. 

I also really like Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy. The formula  is amazing, it’s so glossy and shiny and this formula stays on longer then any other formula. 

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What are your Favourite brands? Why are they your favourite?