I really love hand creams and night masks. I find I can’t live without them. They are relaxing and soothing. I find that the more I pamper my self the more stress free and relaxed I am. I also love using anti-aging products because lets face it my skin is changing as I get older so I’m all about the anti-aging, firming, anti-wrinkle and dark spot corrector skincare.

I kindly received *CHANEL LE LIFT Anti-Wrinkle Skin Recovery Sleep Mask and CHANEL *LA CRÈME MAIN. Here are my thoughts about each product.


Anti-Wrinkle Skin Recovery Sleep Mask


The Firming- Anti-Wrinkle Skin Recovery Sleep Mask helps with skin’s moisture and makes the skin really smooth by morning. I really love how light and silky this feels on the skin. I also like how hydrating it feels.  I really love how my complexion is more luminous in the morning and plumped. My skin definitely feels more rested in the morning. This product has helped with my skin’s smoothness, luminosity and wrinkles. I’m absolutely loving and raving about this recovery sleep mask. I’m so pleased and content and if I had to rate this out of 5 stars this would definitely be a 5!


At night, I apply a thin layer of LE LIFT Masque de Nuit Récupérateur on the face, neck and décolleté, gently massaging it. I use it two to three times a week but you can use this daily according to your needs.

Le Lift Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask / Masque De Nuit Récupérateur $145.00


I’m obsessed with this hand cream! I love the packaging! The shape is beautiful! It’s oval, light and smooth. Love the packaging because it is so nice and easy to carry in my purse. The formula of this anti-aging hand cream is so wonderful! The formula is fast absorbing, it has a velvety texture and smells so good! “May Rose Wax and Iris Pallida combine for intense renewing power in LA CRÈME MAIN. Extracted and purified by Chanel Research, these ingredients help lock in moisture for softer, smoother, brighter-looking hands, instantly and continuously.” -CHANEL

This hand cream really softens my hands and helps to diminish dark spots. After using the CHANEL LA CRÈME MAIN my hands look and feel so smooth, soft and nice. This hand cream really moisturizes and doesn’t feel sticky at all! I highly recommend you try CHANEL La Creme Main. Truly stunning and I can’t stop smelling my hands! So good!

Available October 2nd

50ml $70.00




Thank you to CHANEL for the lovely samples. They are Fantastic!

I love CHANEL Skincare! Brilliant!

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