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I kindly received BVspa Bon Vital skincare products for review purposes and I’m very pleased that I did because they are so amazing. They smell wonderful and have made my skin feel really soft and beautiful. I adore the scent of both Sugar scrubs and the body lotion. Very relaxing and soothing. All BVspa Bon Vital products are Paraben free, sulfate free and phthalate free.

More about  Bon Vital

Fusing science and wellness, Bon Vital, the makers of BVspa, was born out of a state-of-the-art laboratory in 1988.  The advanced research facility is dedicated to providing quality, all-natural and organic treatments to health care professionals in the spa and wellness industries. Founder of Bon Vital and product formulator, Guenter J. Heidenberger, has worked with hundreds of therapists in the spa industry each year to develop ever-improving, cutting edge formulas. Continuously expanding the Bon Vital range, Heidenberger addresses the creation of new formulas with the same healing -focused values as the industry in which they are sold. – BVspa


Body Lotion 


Lavender and Rosemary

This lotion is lovely and hydrates my skin really nicely. It feels really amazing on the skin and absorbs really well. The scent is soothing and also earthy. A lovely balance of floral and herb. I really like how lightweight this lotion feels on the skin and how non greasy it it. A truly lovely body lotion.


Ingredients in the lotion includes Squalane which has a moisturizing effect on skin. This vegetable based extract can help prevent free radical damage that causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin to help reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Jojoba Oil closely resembles human sebum, is well accepted by our skin, great for moisturizing. Sunflower Oil is high in the essential Vitamin E and very strong emollient.

Conquer dry, dehydrated skin! Our light whipped nourishing Body Lotions are packed with moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin well nourished and smooth. – BVspa




I really love the sugar scrubs. The Pomegranate & Acai Berry smells really sweet and the Pink Grapefruit is really refreshing and revitalizing. The scrub is for the body only and not the face. I really love the oils that are released after I use these scrubs. I can feel my skin is smooth and silky after use. They are really great and they don’t irritate my skin at all.

This sweet scrub is the answer! Jojoba, Olive and Safflower oils are combined with sugar to scrub away impurities and dead skin cells. Refresh, revive and reveal a healthy glow to the skin. Fortified with sugar. Safe to use on all skin types. Non-sticky and easy rinse-off formula. –  BVspa


Ingredients in the scrubs include


Safflower Seed Oil is a remedy for dry, scaly skin that acts as a protective barrier to prevent water from leaving the skin; softens and soothes skin.

Olive Oil is commonly known to protect our skin, hair and nails; highly moisturizing.

Jojoba Oil closely resembles human sebum, is well accepted by our skin, great for moisturizing.


Our carefully selected, highest quality ingredients are the foundation of BVspa and are integral to delivering the spa luxury experience at home. Our ingredients come from all over the world and we use some of the most exquisite oils, extracts, butters, salts, and sugars in our formulations. We assess every ingredient that we purchase to ensure that its provenance and purity are intact. The therapeutic benefits gained from the purity and integrity of our formulations is unquestionable – not only in the fragrance and texture but also in the way that our ingredients are absorbed by the skin to feed and nourish in the best way possible.  –BVspa

Overall I really like BVspa Bon Vital Products. They are really lovely and I really love the scrubs and body lotion. They work really nicely on my skin and exfoliate and hydrate the skin. I love the scent of all of them and really like the natural oils that are in the formula. The formula doesn’t irritate my skin at all and really helps with relaxation. Truly lovely skincare products that I highly recommend.

The BVspa Bon Vital Products can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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