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Introducing the NEW Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain & Double Rouge Matte Metal Colour & Couture Contour Lipsticks. I’m SO EXCITED! These are so incredible breathtaking in every way! I love the packaging and the formula of each one is unique and very luxurious. Very edgy and I love them!

 It’s a very interesting formula. The texture is so light, it really feels like you’re applying a gloss, but watch out, because the result is powerful! It dresses the lips with a very feminine gesture. It also links up with the idea of empowerment, which advocates the values of power, and above all, confidence for todays’s modern woman. – Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup



The DIOR ROUGE Liquid Lip Stain comes in 3 different finishes. The Rock Matte, Electric MetalPOP Satin. They come in many beautiful Colours, 29 shades to be exact. They are “Laced with featherweight pigments that produce intense vibrant colour that lasts up to 12 hours. Dior’s first liquid lipstick is the next generation of liquid lipstick. A combination of wax, moisturizing oils, and setting agents make for  a seamless, second-skin finish in one swipe. Philips created 29 Shades ranging from creamy beige to classic #999 Dior Red to full throttle black in three distinct textures-matte, satin and metallic.  To “push back the limits, experiment, and shock people a bit,” Phillips devised four extreme shades: Black Matte (a dramatic ebony”, Oxblood Matte (a rich chocolate brown), Fab Satin (a deep, sensual plum) and hologram (a multidimensional cyber silver that can be worn alone or used as a topcoat).”

The idea was to create a Rouge Dior, a liquid lipstick with astonishing, matte, satin and metallic finishes, and to develop a range  of shades adapted to every skin tone,

– Peter Philips


The Electric Metal formula feels really nice on the lips and it is soft and creamy. It applies evenly and I really love how the light shines off of it. The applicator is soft and fits perfect on the lips. It is a beautiful metallic Liquid Lip Stain. It feels like a liquid lipstick more then a stain but it does the job of a stain. It is not sticky or gloopy. It is also easy to remove. Formula feels really soft, creamy, not heavy but smooth and light. It is very pigmented and the formula has a baby powder scent which I don’t mind at all. I absolutely love it. It is also not kiss proof but the product lasts for over 12 hours on the lips.


The formula for the Satin feels really nice on the lips. It has moisture and moves around. It is not sticky or gloopy. The light reflects off of it so nicely. The scent is also a light baby powder scent which I love. I really adore how the applicator of these Liquid Lip Stains fits the lips perfectly and is very soft. There’s so much pleasure when applying it. Soft and delicate. It really feels nice to have on the lips and hydrating in my opinion. It feels like soft mousse. I really love the light shine that happens with the satin. The texture definitely feels like silk on the lips. A stunning formula.


I absolutely love the Rock Matte formula. It also feels so good on the lips and not drying. Not gloopy and not sticky. It’s the perfect Matte formula without drying your lips. I love the colour 424 Hypnotic Matte because it is a perfect nude colour. I can wear this everyday. I absolutely love it! This again is very long lasting and one coat is all you need.

Overall all three formulas are stunning. I would totally wear all the formulas anytime and love the fact that you can create any look. The formula of each is really superb, it applies evenly and the applicator hugs the lips. I love the scent! To me it smells like light baby powder which doesn’t linger after application. Formula feels amazing, smooth, creamy, soft and dries nicely but is not kiss proof. The formula is very long lasting and for a person who eats their lipstick after a couple of hours these lasted all day on me.  I love them so much and I’m so very grateful for these samples. They are breathtaking and beautiful!


Here are all the colours that will be available in September.


Chic Matte 221 ** Exclusive to sephora only

Fury Matte 265

Crush Matte 272

Vibrant Matte 334

Impulsive Matte 362

Hypnotic Matte 424

Reckless Matte 527 ** Exclusive to Sephora only

Lively Matte 574

Shock Matte 585

Jungle Matte 614

Mysterious Matte 625 **Exclusive to Sephora only

Savage Matte 797

Dressed to Matte 828

Hectic  Matte 862

Matte 999

Miss Satin 162

Delicate Satin 427

Impetuous Satin 442

Versatile Satin 565

Frenetic Satin 788

Fab Satin 895

Extreme Matte 658

Hologlam 601

Extreme Matte 658

Extreme oxblood 901

Extreme Black 908

Spicy Metal 375

Scandalous Metal 515

Rock’N’ Metal751

Poison Metal 797

My daughter is in the photos below.  She wanted to help me out.

She loves the Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stains so much.  She says they feel really nice and soft on the lips.




Double Rouge

Matte Metal Colour & Couture Contour Lipstick

Here I have two Double Rouge lipsticks. There’s the matte and the metallic fused together. In a single application Rouge Dior Double Rouge delivers an ombre effect thanks to its highly pigmented matte out ring combined with a metallic core that catches the light. This formula challenge was met so that on application, the two shades harmonize, creating a sophisticated finish and an optical illusion of volume. It took up to 16 attempts to find the perfect balance for certain shades.


“I really like the innovative sixties spirit of Double Rouge, a charming lipstick that provides an astonishing makeup finish,” explains Peter Philips.” The hard part was identifying the right combinations of a darker, matte outer ring and lighter, iridescent metallic core, which highlights the curve of the lip and therefore simulates volume. It’s an on the go product that’s easy to wear and yet capable of producing a make-up result that’s worthy of the pros”


For the Double Rouge, Peter Philips created 4 Colour families: fun and sophisticated reds, cheerful corals, electric purple pinks, and nudes that flatter every style of beauty.

Here I’m wearing 999 Matte Metal




I really love how these feel on the lips. Very soft, creamy, silky and smooth. They are stunning in colour and bold!  I absolutely love these two colours for fall. They are not drying and not too matte. They still have a very light shine to them and feel very hydrating! They don’t feel heavy at all. The formula doesn’t come to a complete matte dry finish. The formula still moves around on the lips. Very silky and soft! I love them!  Truly bold and beautiful and very comfortable to wear. I love the packaging as well. The caps inside are red and they have a good weight to them. Very strong and sturdy but also elegant and beautiful!



Vibrant Nude 239

Miss Crush 288

Coup De Chic 429

Mysterious Calypso 480

Jungle Beige 510

Dressed To Kill 590

Poison Purple 992

Matte Metal 999

Dior Rouge LIquid Lip Stain Couture Colour Intense Extreme Long-Wear $43.00

Double Rouge $43.00 (Not Sephora)

PR Samples. Thank you so much to DIOR for the stunning samples!

They are Incredible!




The Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stains-Couture Colour Intense Extreme Long-Wear are $43.00 on counters September 2017 Available at Dior Counters Nationwide and retailer respective .com sites.

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  1. My pick of the liquid formulas would be the Pop Satin – it just sounds really comfy to wear! I really like the colour Delicate Satin on you!
    The Double Rouge concept is really interesting. And omg haha your Instagram post with the middle finger! LOVE IT!!! ❤

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