Life Can be Stormy

Sometimes life can be stormy

Up and down

Twists and turns

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with a lot of emotions

Things sometimes work out and sometimes they don’t

I say things I don’t mean

I learn from my mistakes

I’m growing

I try to become a better person

I learn

I move on

I hurt

I cry

It’s all going to be okay

That’s what I tell my self

I count my blessings write down things I’m grateful for

I write down my goals and dreams

I write down my wishes

Less material things and more life experiences

Working on the inside and feeling fulfilled

Full of God’s grace and love ❤️

Forgiveness to myself and others

I’ve been trying to stay hopeful

Sometimes I want results fast but life is teaching me things take time and to enjoy the process

Courage and one moment at a time

As things move forward I pray to God for courage, love, strength and happiness.

What ever happens I will keep calm and strong.

Keep love in the heart and stay humble.

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