Fall Movie List Ideas

“Oh- my twitchy witchy girlI think you are so nice,I give you bowls of porridgeAnd I give you bowls of iceCream.I give you lots of kisses,And I give lots of hugs,But I never give you sandwichesWith bugsIn.” ― Neil Gaiman, Coraline I really love watching certain films in October. It just feels cozier and feels all fuzzy and … Continue reading Fall Movie List Ideas

Beauty Favourites 2019

Hello my lovely friends! I am feeling very good this month. How about you? Usually this month I feel really down. I'm keeping my self busy and doing things I enjoy and reading more books and making more art. I'm enjoying even the household chores! I'm grateful for everyday. How are you feeling? I hope … Continue reading Beauty Favourites 2019

Painting Away The Blues!

Happy Tuesday! I feel very unorganized and very emotional lately. I'm also feeling tired a lot and the winter blues is not fun to deal with. Yesterday my emotions had a life of their own and my body went into a pain attack in the middle of the night. I'm just happy it's a new … Continue reading Painting Away The Blues!


Pixi by Petra Pixi GLOW CAKE blushes are breathtaking and NEW! I love using them as a blush and also the colour GILDEDBARE GLOW can be used as a highlighter and bronzer as well. I love how soft the texture is on the skin. It really looks soft and natural and it highlights the cheeks … Continue reading GET YOUR GLOW ON! PIXI GLOW CAKE AND PIXI TONIC

Vlogging, Amazing PR And A GIVEAWAY!

Hi! it's Bestdayblogger!Thank you for all your love and support!  l love Snapchat Filters. They are the best. Follow me on snapchat @bestdayblogger Hello my wonderful friends! The first thing I will share with you is that there's a lovely giveaway on my Instagram account. I'm collaborating with @FarleycoBeauty on Instagram. It's a beautiful bath … Continue reading Vlogging, Amazing PR And A GIVEAWAY!