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This post is about Lampe Berger Paris, the historical beginnings of the company and the company’s evolution.  Since I’m a brand ambassador, I would like to share with you some interesting facts.


Did you know Lampe Burger Paris has been around since 1898?

 In 1898 Maurice Berger invented the system of diffusion by catalysis, which he patented. This idea came from wanting to deal with disinfection in hospitals back in 1898. This amazing system of purifying the air was soon applied for use in the home. The Lampe Berger company was then formed and continued to grow and reinvent itself for people living in the 21st Century.


The exclusive patented burner purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces like no other. This diffusion  destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells. Perfuming is fast, consistent and long lasting.


I use my lamp everyday especially when I cook. Lampe Berger is available in many styles to suit your home and taste. There are modern and trendy lamps and lovely limited edition lamps created by well-known designers. There are 100 or so models to choose from.


The fragrances of Lampe Berger are beautiful! They are inspired by nature, tender memories and distant places.

The one that I’m currently using is FRUIT MELODY and I’m truly IN LOVE!

It is so soft, sweet and comforting! Truly blissful!

C2 - 415311 Fruit Melody 500MLSHELF TALKER FRUIT MELODY

I hope you enjoyed this lovely blog post. I will be bringing you more exciting news about Lampe Berger soon!

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