Splat Rebellious Color Complete Kit- REVIEW

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SPLAT Rebellious Color is “Extreme. Shocking. Expressive!”Farleyco Beauty.

I was looking for Pink Hair Colouring kit recently and this amazing opportunity came up with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers in collaboration with the amazing and wonderful Farleyco Beauty! I’m truly grateful and so excited to share with you my experience with SPLAT Rebellious Colour Complete Kit.


SPLAT  Rebellious Color Complete Kit

Product description

“Splat – PINK FETISH. An extreme semi-permanent hair colour kit with truly bright, long lasting colours. From Developlus. Splat is made with a unique water soluble silicon micro-emulsion that allows for extremely vivid colours and longer-lasting colours. Splat is the only complete kit with everything you need. Kit includes colour, bleach, peroxide, gloves and easy-to-follow instructions. Lasts for 4 to 6 weeks or 20 shampoos. Available in Luscious Raspberries, Blue Envy, Lusty Lavender, Pink Fetish, Neon Green, Aqua Rush, Orange Fireballs and Multi-Colour.” – FARLEYCO.CA


I’ve never used bleach before so I decided not to use it.  The colour will last longer if you use bleach but SPLAT can be used without the bleach. I’m happy to say the formula of the hair colour doesn’t smell bad at all. I actually like the smell. The formula of the dye is very pigmented, bold and bright. It didn’t leave my hair feeling different in texture at all! My hair is still soft and silky. I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels great. I also want to mention that it didn’t stain my pillow. I was worried that it would stain my pillow but it didn’t.

Here are some TIPS to help you before using SPLAT REBELLIOUS COLORS.

  1. I  highly recommend that you wear a top you don’t need anymore and a plastic cape.
  2. Buy an extra pair of gloves from the dollar store because things can get really messy.
  3. Have a hair cap ready.
  4. Make sure your hair is dry.
  5. Place Vaseline on around your hairline, forehead and on the ears.
  6. Wear protective gloves.
  7. You do NOT have to bleach your hair. You can just use the Dye as is.
  8.  I highly recommend that you only colour the length of your hair and not your scalp. I used my hands and I used a little dye at a time for the parts of my hair that I wanted coloured.
  9. When you add the colour to your hair, do not put your hair all in a bun at the top of your head. Your scalp will stain with the hair colour. Just get a plastic cap from the dollar store and place it over your hair in it’s natural position.
  10. When you rinse your hair get as close to the bathtub as possible because the dye will splash everywhere.
  11. If you get dye on your countertop you can use rubbing alcohol to remove stains.
  12. If you are using the bleach do not get it on your scalp.
  13. If you want just strands of colour use hair foils so the dye doesn’t get on other parts of the hair.
  14. A hair dye brush is helpful for applying the colour on the hair strands. I used my hands with the gloves and it was fine also.
  15. Please read all the instructions before using this product and also watch some tutorials on youtube. You can learn a lot from watching others.
  16. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to bed.

Here are my results


I’m really happy with the way my hair turned out. I really love SPLAT and yes I will be using it again. I love that I can just use the dye without the bleach.  I love that the formula doesn’t smell bad and I also love that the colour is bold and bright and lasts long. My overall experience is a positive one. I’m really pleased and happy. 


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Have you ever coloured your hair a bright bold colour?

Have you ever tried SPLAT?  I would love to know.

Have a beautiful week!

banner review pink

Here is a video I made with a few Simple Hair Styles. If you like have a look.


Thank you so much to Farleyco Beauty and the Canadian Beauty Bloggers! *I received SPLAT Rebellious Colours, Long Lasting Colour in PINK FETISH from Farleyco Beauty for review purposes. I have not been paid to make this post. All opinions expressed are honest and true.
SPLAT HAIR COLOR KITS are available at Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Select Shoppers Drug Mart, Select Pharmasave, Select Walmart, Select IDA, Select Guardian, Select Familiprix, Select Lawtons Drugs, Select Save On, Select Value Drug Mart, Select Peoples Drug Mart. 

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