Summer Road Trip -Make Every Adventure an Unforgettable One!


This summer I’m heading out East and I’m very excited! I’m planning a family trip all the way to PEI and I’ll be needing a lot of Travel Essentials. The one thing I mentioned in my New Years Vlog is that I want to travel and see Canada. I’m super excited and I have many lovely items on my essentials list and wish list. I need to bring suit cases, a back pack, makeup bag, bathing suits, beach towels, a new SMASH book with a small pencil case, Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, deodorant, sunscreen and bug spray. Definitely a bag filled with drinks, treats and snacks. I can’t forget my camera! I love my Canon G7x. It takes amazing video and photos. I will definitely take many photos for a blog post.

On my wish list for this trip is the Keb Eco Shell Anorak W  from Fjallraven Canada. It’s the perfect jacket and I’m absolutely in love with it!89601-550

This jacket is waterproof and has three layer anorak. It allows easy movement and ventilates out moisture. This sounds and looks exactly what I’m looking for. I love that it has the freedom for movement because having two kids to take care of the jacket needs to have movement. I also love how the hood can be adjusted and the zipper is two ways so it can be opened both the top and the bottom. So glad this jacket is waterproof and breathable. I hate it when materials don’t let you breathe so this makes me super happy. This jacket has everything I am looking for and I also love the style. I always keep my jacket in hand at all times especially with Canadian weather, it changes with no warming signs! Seriously it does. One moment it can be hot and the next you need a parka! No joke!  This will be the first family road trip ever!  I plan to share all the details with you. I’m beyond excited because this has been a huge dream of mine. I started a TRAVEL ESSENTIALS LIST on PINTEREST. This list will help me organize things that I need for the journey.

I really love how Fjällräven Canada promotes spending time outdoors. It’s the best thing ever! I feel my family needs to spend more time in nature and this trip will be perfect for that.  Fjällräven Canada has all kinds of outdoor clothing and incredible. I would really like to get two mini Kanken Backpacks for my girls. A red one for my youngest and a green one for my eldest. Their favourite colours. This way they can put a few toys, journals and books in there for drive. 

As I was browsing Fjallraven Canada’s site this sweater caught my eye   Ovik Folk Knit Sweater. I love it! I’m also adding this to my wish list. I love the pattern and the colour. You know how I feel about burnt orange right? I’m a huge burnt orange fan! I’ve also added this to my Travel Essentials because I  can always use a sweater in the cool evenings.



I’m grateful that I’ve accumulated a few travel mini bags. I have my Clearview Four-Piece Envelopes Set by LUG and I was thinking of buying the LUG Cargo Five-Piece Packing Kit, or something similar. I also like to have a separate bag for shoes. I don’t like to mix clothing and shoes in the same suitcase.

How incredible is this Keb Fleece Jacket I really love the style of it and it looks so nice and comfortable. I love how soft fleece feels do you?  I love this jacket in white and grey colour. 


As I plan this family summer journey I look forward to sharing my ideas with you and I hope you can share your travelling tips and ideas with me If you’ve traveled to Eastern Canada.  I’m working on the itinerary so feel free to leave comments. Also feel free to tweet me your suggestions as well @bestdayblogger

*This blog post is in collaboration with Fjallraven Canada. Thank you so much to Fjallraven Canada for supporting my blog.

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  1. I will let you know when we plan to be there. 🙂 Please give me tips to what places to visit in Quebec! Would love to know. I totally want to go to a bakery with fresh bread and cheese! 😀 omg I’m so excited! 😀 YAY!


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