My Visit To Salem Massachusetts

When I tell people that I would love to live in Salem and tell stories to tourists all day long they don't believe me. But a job like that would make me so happy. I love retelling stories, research, history and architecture. I love old buildings with deep history and character. I like the old … Continue reading My Visit To Salem Massachusetts

Dear August…

Dear August you connected with me in so many ways. You brought me close to the Ocean and my soul was flying up in the air with joy and pure happiness. The sound and scent of the ocean incredible moving and fulfilling. You have brought me joy and soulfulness. I have no words to describe … Continue reading Dear August…

A Historical Outing! Scarborough Museum Toronto

I planned to visit the Scarborough museum originally to find out more details about the ghostly encounters that it's known for but to my surprise the day that we went the museum was open and ready to give us a lovely historical tour and delicious treats for the family. I'm so happy that the tour … Continue reading A Historical Outing! Scarborough Museum Toronto

Summer Road Trip -Make Every Adventure an Unforgettable One!

This summer I’m heading out East and I’m very excited! I’m planning a family trip all the way to PEI and I'll be needing a lot of Travel Essentials. The one thing I mentioned in my New Years Vlog is that I want to travel and see Canada. I’m super excited and I have many … Continue reading Summer Road Trip -Make Every Adventure an Unforgettable One!