Hello lovely friends! Today I’m really excited to share some really amazing news! I’m on a podcast! My first podcast ever! Super exciting! I’m on the MyLipAddiction Beauty Podcast  with two beautiful ladies that I adore and love. The hostess with the mostess Cat and the fierce and lovely Stashy. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to them for having me on the podcast. It was so much fun and I hope you have a listen. I don’t usually like my voice but these ladies think I have a sexy operator voice. lol Sure if you think so. 😉


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It was so much fun chatting with both of these beautiful ladies. We talked about so many interesting and funny things. We talked about some my favourite posts ( MAC & CHANEL) and some of my favourite brands like (CLARINS). We also talked about when we first started wearing makeup and about how my daughters really enjoy helping me out with blogging.

It was so incredible to talk about my art and recent integration on and we discuss the Mixed Media Portrait below. I can’t wait to make more art and showcase it. This podcast has really inspired me. Talking to these beautiful ladies has given me so much inspiration.

I hope you have a listen and please leave a comment with your thoughts and questions. Check out Stashy’s beautiful blog post and Cat’s incredible blog post. Truly special and I thank them from my heart. I’m truly inspired by these two beautiful ladies. Thank you Cat and Stashy for an incredible time. It was so much fun to be a part of Podcast.  Thank you so much!



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12 thoughts on “MYLIPADDICTION.COM BEAUTY PODCAST EPISODE 21! Featuring Bestdayblogger

      1. I love you TONS AND TONS XO XO XO XO XO
        xoxoxxox so proud xo of you all this collaboration -xo AMAZING WOMEN WE izzzzzzzzzzzz … STASHY AND THOSE INTEGRATED LIPS …

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  1. So amazing Maria! Your voice is the epitome of sultry sexy phone voice! 😉 Don’t hide from the truth!
    Can’t wait to explore everything Scarborough Town Center Walmart has to offer! 😀

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