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Lately I’ve been tired and emotional. I can’t go into detail. I’m grateful to be able to participate with PPF today.  I missed last week but my girls and I got together this morning and we painted and talked and talked some more. It was calming and soothing. Spending time together is very important to me. I truly want to keep this tradition going. This is what we came up and I hope you like our creations!

Angelina Age 5


Titled “LOVE”img_2150“CUP CAKE”img_2167“A BARN”img_2163

Abstract ART


age 10

“Patterns and Zigzags”img_2166My Pieces





“The Sky is Crying”img_2158

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.I hope you’ve enjoyed the party.

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22 thoughts on “Spending Time Together | Paint Party Friday

  1. Each painting is very colorful and expressive and special ~ glad you got your girls together.

    I find when my emotions are high ~ painting, writing or photographing helps ~ Sending lots of distant reiki healing energy and hugs ^_^

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting ^_^

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  2. Thank you so much!! You are so right. It definitely helps to paint and do something creative and expressive when emotions are high. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Have a lovely weekend and positivity right back at you!! Healing energy your way as well.


  3. Painting certainly de-stresses you. I found paintings done by my father after he passed away. I didn’t know he painted. Having a go at painting hs brought me closer to him and to me has kept him alive. Other than that it takes the work stress away when you can get an hour or more if your lucky of piece and quiet to concentrate on something other than helping to run a household and bring up a family and if the children want to join in as well all the better.

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  4. Thanks so much Ryan! It’s nice to know that art brought you closer to your father. That is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. Have a great day and amazing weekend!


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