Dear June…

The lilacs have fully bloomed and I brought them indoors. Placed them in my vase and took a deep breath. They smell so beautiful!

June, you had my anxiety going for a while but I’m grateful you challenged me and I finally got my G1. I also watched my little girl turn 7. I’m so proud of both my girls and love them so much.

My eldest graduated from grade 6 and is heading to junior high and this is making me all nervous and scared but at the same time excited for her. Change is not always easy. It causes this pain in my chest and makes me break out crying with the slightest thing.

The weather is nice now. I like that its hot and love the summer breeze. It’s a comfortable heat. I wish my thoughts would be more zen this month. I want to reach the ocean and I’m afraid that I won’t… I made the plans for vacation and canceled them. I feel that the drive would be too much for my children. I don’t want them to feel tired and stressed. Some find traveling easy. I wish that were me. Not easy but I’m slowly going to eliminate fear and have more FAITH.

Monthly hormones were annoying and I allowed my self to be a little down and eat ice cream and chocolate. Life is not always happy go lucky and perfect. It’s okay to feel down sometimes and just allow your self to feel sadness.

I’m determined and excited to take driving lessons. Very excited. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My eye surgery went really well, it hurt but my eye is healing.

So June thank you for all your lessons and even though some situations were difficult challenging and emotional I’m still grateful. Thank you for the good weather, the flowers, celebrations, family and even my emotional challenges.

I’m happy for each moment and now it’s time to say goodbye and welcome July. Where will July take us? I hope on a wonderful adventure!

Thank you for reading my June blog post. I wish you all a beautiful summer! Thank you!