Its been a while since I shared a makeup look with you. Yesterday my daughter’s said “mommy you must be feeling better, you have makeup on!” I said “absolutely!” I had the flu over the March Break but I’m feeling better and I wanted to share two makeup looks with you. I’m using the PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters that are a 3-in-one formula. It can be used as an eyeshadow base, eyeshadow alone or glitter top coat to make any eye makeup look pop! I also used it on my lips and cheeks because I find that PUR Cosmetics is gentle on my skin. These glitters are so fine they are not harsh, they go on smoothly and when it’s time to wipe them off they come off so easy.

Did you know that PUR Cosmetics is Cruelty Free? They are also talc free, paraben free, gluten free, petroleum free, mineral oil free, vegan friendly and sodium lauryl sulfate free.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.56.02 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.55.25 AM

I received the Quick Pro Glitters that come in a kit and they are available at purcosmetics.com, ULTA and Kohls for $39.00. *PR SAMPLES

Here are the Glitters and swatches.


From top to bottom: NAMASLAY, LUST, QUEENIE and OMG.


Here is a makeup look with NAMASLAY

It’s a beautiful gold and the formula is very easy to apply. The applicator is great but I like to use my finger. I find it glides nicely with the finger on the eyelid. I also used it on my lips. It was comfortable to wear and didn’t feel gritty at all.  I’ve never seen a glitter formula like this before and if I were to buy glitters I would totally buy these. As for the fur in the photo it is a faux fur and it’s a blanket. LOL





For this makeup look I used  LUST & QUEENIE. I also applied LUST on the CHEEKS! It’s brilliant! Lust is a beautiful stunning copper and I placed that on the outer part of the eyes. Queenie is a light yellow and put that on the inner part of the eyes leaving a dramatic line going down. I love this look what do you think? I tried using a brush but I feel that using my fingers works best.




My overall thoughts about thePUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters is that they are absolutely wonderful. I love how they apply and they stay on all day. The best part is they really shine so nicely and give an extra special sparkle. They also don’t look like cheep glitter. They are beautifully pigmented and reflect the light so nicely. They look and feel luxurious. These would be beautiful over any eyeshadow and you can use as little or as much as you like. They feel comfortable and light on the eyelids. The formula does not feel gritty or harsh in anyway. I highly recommend that if you are looking for eye makeup glitter you go for PUR Cosmetics Glitters. They are absolutely perfection!

Thank you so much to PUR COSMETICS for the lovely samples. I absolutely love them!

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An Innovative and Fresh Lip Gloss Company Arrives in Canada! FLICKABLE!

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I was kindly sent these sweet and adorable lip glosses shaped as lollypops for review purposes. How incredibly CUTE! I’m so in love with them. The cutest packaging and I absolutely love them! These are called Flickable and they feel amazing on the lips. They give beautiful shine. They are vegan and cruelty free. They taste good and feel good on the lips and they don’t dry my lips at all. They actually make my lips soft and smooth. I love all the flavours and they are absolutely my favourite. I highly recommend them.


Available exclusively at the Hudson’s Bay

Coming off an unprecedented success at Cosmoprof Bologna, and soon to be seen in countries all around the world, Flickable, a vegan and cruelty-free lip gloss, has arrived in Canada. Eye popping with a universally recognizable shape, this gloss stands out in a crowd and in your bag!


Vibrant, unique and fresh, Flickable is a decadent gloss that comes in a nostalgic lollipop case; making it a guilt-free treat for your lips. Voted one of Hudson Bay’s Top Spring Picks, Flickable lip glosses are a necessary addition to anyone’s beauty blender. The Canadian launch is well-timed, with Google Trends reporting vegan beauty and skincare as hot searches on-the-rise for 2017.

confetti 26

With outstanding sparkle and shine, the gloss gives a hint of natural volume that plumps and primes, addressing all of your lips’ needs. Cosmetics as seductive as candy, the glosses come in five deliciously witty flavours and colours that compliment every skin tone and style with scents that will irresistibly stimulate the senses:



      Better Off Red 01: Berry

       Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy 02: Passion Fruit

     Citrus How We Do 03: Tangerine

        Toffee Talk 04: English Toffee

        Fight for Your White to Party 05: Sugar Cookie

I love all of them and English Toffee is so yummy! 🙂


The award-winning product was developed by Kevin David and his wife, Catherine Banks. The pair wanted to offer a technologically advanced product that delivers one-of-a-kind results in a fun and creative design. David was passionate about producing something fresh, inside and out, that would standout in the saturated lip gloss stick world; and would be perfect for women of any age – fun for girls and flirty for women.


The proprietary application boasts an unprecedented non-sticky formula, delivering a gloss made from only the highest quality standards with an innovative and cool design aesthetic. Made with natural ingredients, the Flickable formula contains a blend of meadow foam sea oil, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E, providing ultimate moisture and softness.



Each colour boasts its own distinct scent and flavour providing decadent fashion with no caloric damage. The hues range from sheer to coffee with pops of pink and reds in between, meaning there’s a shade for every occasion – day or night!

Pick up your Flickable lip glosses today at a Hudson’s Bay store near you.

Your lips will thank you!

 Beyond kissable, feel lickable.


Thank you so much to Brill Communications for the samples!

I’m in love with these super cute and amazing lip glosses.

Follow FlickablePink_Open_trns

https://www.flickable.com/                                                                                                                     Instagram: @flickable
Facebook: @flickable                                                                                                                                
    Pinterest: Flickable

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PÜR Vanity Palette Eyes & Cheeks FEATURE

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Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.10.12 PM.png

This is the first time trying PÜR Cosmetics and featuring them on my blog. This calls for a celebration! Woo hoo! I’m over the moon with joy! I’m very excited and I can’t wait to share a little about this 100% CRUELTY FREE lovely company.

PÜR The Complexion Authority is the destination around the globe for the best in skin-perfecting mineral-based makeup and skincare solutions.


PUR 125

At PÜR, we believe that innovative beauty shouldn’t be a burden on anyone. That’s why we’ve been committed to creating cruelty-free products from the start. All of our good-for-your-skin makeup and skincare products are completely free of animal testing. Eco-conscious users can also breathe easy knowing that PÜR is an eco-friendly brand committed to minimizing waste and using responsibly sourced ingredients, including those carrying our Farm to Jar Label.

Paraben – free

Parabens are chemicals that can be found in many beauty products and deodorant because they give products a longer shelf life. However, because these chemicals are believed to be linked to cancer, many of our products are paraben-free.

Vegan – friendly

Veganism is an ever-growing lifestyle making vegan-friendly products like skincare and makeup more popular than ever. Many of our products are vegan-friendly (ALL are cruelty-free), so you can now choose from a selection of products that are good for your skin and don’t contain any animal products.

Gluten – free

Many of our products are gluten-free. That’s right, gluten isn’t just found in food. It can be used as a binding agent in cosmetics. We offer a wide variety of gluten-free products because research has shown it can trigger celiac disease symptoms.

BPA – free

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a toxin that is commonly found in plastic products and has been known to leach its toxins into water. To stay on the safe side, all of our products are BPA-free.

Alcohol & Talc-free

Alcohol and talc can dry out and damage the skin, so many of our products are alcohol-free and talc-free too.

I’m truly grateful that I received two beautiful Vanity Palettes to feature in this post. Here’s a little video that talks about both of these beautiful palettes. There are 4 eyeshadows, one blush, one bronzer and one highlighter. The beautiful vanity palettes are infused with green tea, ginseng and B Vitamins. The Dream Chaser has beautiful everyday makeup and the Goal Digger can create dramatic evening looks.


The packaging of the Vanity Palettes are truly wonderful. I absolutely love the big mirror and how it clicks up and you can move it to your liking. “Just pull the palette mirror upwards and the palette transforms in to the mini vanity of your dreams!”  I also love that one palette is shiny on the outside and one is a flat. Really beautiful, simple and elegant. They are both lightweight and plastic but they are strong and durable.

PUR 129

Here is Dream Chaser


I love the positivity coming from the names of each palette and each colour. It is so uplifting. The pigmentation is unreal! I was so blown away when I was creating my makeup looks. Bold beautiful colours, bright and very long lasting.

PUR 195PUR 197PUR 0198

I created this makeup look with Dream Chaser.

Next is Goal Digger


Beautiful for evening looks and I absolutely adore the blush and highlight in this palette. I love how every colour works so perfectly together. The colours are perfect combination.

PUR 192PUR 194

I created this makeup look with Goal Digger.

Thank you so much to PÜR Cosmetics for the beautiful Samples. I’m very grateful and honoured to have tried their makeup. I look forward to discovering more with their lovely skincare and makeup products.

Both palettes are now available on purcosmetics.com and Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Neal’s Yard Remedies Radiance Wild Rose Organic Collection Made With Love! FEATURE

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I kindly received Neal’s Yard Remedies Radiance Wild Rose Organic Collection to review and I’m truly grateful. I’m blown away by how incredible the skincare is. It smells beautiful and the formula is beyond wonderful! I’m very overjoyed and love everything about this beautiful gift box. This is the first time trying Neal’s Yard Remedies and WHY didn’t I try them before!! This collection is stunning and if you love roses you will love this collection!

Neal’s Yard Remedies is “a family owned business that has been formulating ethical organic health and beauty products since 1981. With all natural, organic ingredients, our award-winning skincare is scientifically formulated and our products are handmade at our Eco-Factory in Dorset, England.

Feel Good Look Good – Nealsyardremedies.com


This beautiful Radiance Wild Rose Organic Collection is perfection. It contains the following: Wild Rose Body Elixir 50ml 1.69 fl. oz, Wild Rose Beauty Elixir 30ml 1.01 fl. oz, Wild Rose Beauty Balm 15g 0.53 oz net wt. *comes with a Muslin Cloth.

Wild Rose skincare line contains wild rosehip oil – a potent antioxidant proven to help repair, firm, and smooth the skin – and a blend of nourishing essential oils. This award-winning trio will help to decongest and enrich the skin while providing a radiance boost for all skin types.

♥ Made by Hand with Love ♥ – Neal’s Yard Remedies


Wild Rose Body Elixir

The Body Elixir smells really beautiful and makes my skin soft and hydrated. It really helps my dry skin. I love how light the formula is. It really absorbs nicely and does’t leave my skin feeling greasy.  This formula really helps boost the skin’s elasticity and radiance. It is filled with all natural cocktail of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The wild rose body elixir leaves my skin feeling really smooth, plump and beautifully moisturized. I love the fragrance of wild rose and it also has acai-eriched elixir. Suitable for vegans.


Luxurious, indulgent gel-like texture
Boosts skin’s radiance, hydration and elasticity
Deep, long-lasting moisture boost
Beautiful subtle fragrance



At Neal’s Yard Remedies, we’re driven by the passionate belief that health and beauty products should be more natural, less synthetic. This passion, and our firm belief that it’s up to all of us to protect our precious planet, is at the heart of everything we do.

Wild Rose Beauty Elixir

The lovely gift box contains the Wild Rose Beauty Elixir and this formula is so incredible! I’m absolutely in love with it. It is smooth and silky and absorbs into the skin really nicely. It soothes and give the skin a beautiful glow. It’s very hydrating and I love the way it feels on my face. I absolutely love this and highly recommend it. It’s my absolute favourite booster!


Wild Rose Beauty Balm

I absolutely love this balm.  It is super hydrating and nourishing. There are many ways of using this balm. This can be used as an exfoliating cleanser: So you would gently massage a small amount of balm onto dry skin then wipe away with a hand-hot, wet organic muslin cloth and pat dry. You can use this as a balancing mask: You apply the balm to clean skin, cover with a dampened hand-hot organic muslin cloth to open pores. Repeat. Leave for 30 min then wipe away, or overnight for an intense nourishing boost. Also as a nourishing balm: so you would apply the balm sparingly to dry areas.


Muslin Cloth

A lovely Muslin Cloth that is really soft and delicate.



Overall the products in this gift box are absolutely stunning and highly recommend them. If you are into Organic and natural products this gift box is perfect. If you love roses this is definitely for you.  If you have never tried organic skincare before you should definitely try this or any product from Neal’s Yard remedies. This would make a beautiful gift for anyone. I absolutely agree when they say “Made with love” very true indeed!



Thank you so much to Neal’s Yard Remedies for this beautiful gift box.

It is incredible and I highly recommend you check it out.

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Amazing Canadian Organic Skincare Green Living Show Toronto 2017

food bannerGLS17_lockup_venue

It’s almost time! I’m very excited that I’ll be attending the  Green Living show this weekend. Would you like me to VLOG? Please let me know in the comments! I’m very lucky to have received lovely PR samples of some amazing and incredible Organic products. I’ve decided to share these products with you because I really like them and recommend them. I will link the websites below so you can have a look.

I love all organic products especially if they are Canadian. I love to support my Canadian family. Yes we are one family and I feel we should support one another. I feel that we should always shop #MADEINCANADA first and foremost. Don’t you think?

I love natural, organic and made in Canada products that are good and safe for me and my family and here are some of my favourites:

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Bee23 Natural Company

Hotty Balms are by the lovely Bee23 Natural Company. I absolutely love the fun packaging. Super cute and very fun! The two right jars are face balms and are glass and the Honey Love Body Balm comes in a plastic jar. I love the formula of these balms! The Honey Love Body Balm is so beautiful, creamy and not greasy. It smells like bergamot and vanilla. It is really soothing and comforting. The formula is soft and solid and with the warmth of touch this lovely formula melts like butter and glides on the skin very softly and delicately. It really nourishes and softens the skin. I absolutely adore these balms and highly recommend you try them out. Especially the Honey Love! Very nice!


In creating scent blends with essential oils not only are they free of toxic chemicals but they are more fun because they work on thought and feeling. So, it is like your very own love potion! –BEE23

I love applying the Face Balm after having my shower or bath because it is really soothing, hydrating and really helps my skin feel soft, smooth and silky. The scent is natural and the formula feels very beautiful on the skin. I highly recommend Hotty Balm.  30

Bee23 Natural Company is cruelty free, all natural, cert clean and made in Canada.





Next I have The Green Beaver Company. An incredible company that is Canadian and certified cruelty free, ecocert and zero plastic.

We believe that each of us has the opportunity to create a positive impact in this world, and for us that means creating products that do not harm animals, do not harm the earth, and do not harm you. Our philosophy comes from years of research about the harmful effects that chemicals have on our bodies and on the environment, driving us to infuse all-natural goodness into everything we do. It’s more than a philosophy. It’s a promise. -The Green Beaver Company

I absolutely love the Lavender shampoo and conditioner. It foams up nicely. The formula works amazing and it cleans the hair perfectly. It smells so wonderful! Like a field of lavender. I really love using products that make me feel great and safe. No harmful chemicals!


The Day Cream is truly wonderful! It absorbs really nicely and is not greasy. It has no strong fragrance only a natural lovely scent. It feels soft on the skin and makes my skin feel hydrated and very soft. I absolutely love the Day Cream and you should definitely check it out. It works beautifully and its great for all skin types. All natural goodness!


This FROSTY MINT is an all natural toothpaste that is very refreshing! It cleans nicely and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and minty. It really helps my breath stay fresh for a long time.  I absolutely love it! No fluoride in this toothpaste and It feels amazing knowing it is also vegan and gluten free.


Overall The Green Beaver Company is wonderful! I absolutely love everything because they really work and they are all natural and cruelty free. I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to try their products. Everything smells so wonderful and works really well. I also love all the packaging, it is very pretty, colourful and also not harmful to the environment. It feels really amazing using products that make me feel safe and that I can trust. I highly recommend them.


Next I have Greenplex Skincare. The packaging is lovely. Smoked glass very soft and pretty. I’m a huge fan of packaging when it comes to products and this definitely gets a thumbs up from me. This is Anti-aging skincare that feels really nice and light on the skin. I’ve been using the Vitamin C moisturizing lotion and the vitamin C eye Complex and I absolutely love them! The Moisturizing Lotion has no fragrance which I like and the eye complex has a natural scent of cucumber. I love the formula and consistency of the eye complex. It’s a gel that is very soothing.  This combo really hydrates the skin and feels nourishing. I love how light the eye complex is. It’s definitely a favourite. Give them a try! You will be delighted and content at how beautiful their products are. Great results and I’m very pleased.

The anti-aging vitamin C line is formulated to effectively fight  aging. They dramatically reduce wrinkles, repair the uneven skin tone, fade sun spots and moisturize your face.



Val Coyote’s Skin Organics


Summer ready with Val’s Coyote’s Skincare! Feels like a tropical vacation using these products. Especially the pina colada body cream! oh my goodness! Smells so wonderful and feels so good. These are not greasy, they absorb so nicely and leave the skin feeling so good and hydrated. I absolutely love the skin care and totally recommend you try them out. A wonderful sunscreen, an incredible body lotion and a hand cream that is “kiss ass hemp cream” that rocks!



Last but not least I have the lovely Carina Organics Pink Grapefruit Hand Soap. Very lovely and light and it is so gentle on the hands. Love the way this smells and it doesn’t dry my skin. A lovely hand soap and I love it!




 More than 30 chefs, breweries, wineries and cideries will be on hand to showcase the diversity and cultural traditions that make up Canada’s food and drink landscape at the Green Living Show.

This year’s Delicious Local Food & Drink Pavilion, in partnership with Foodland Ontario, features chefs from Canada and around the world, who will use local and sustainably sourced Ontario ingredients to showcase old family recipes and favourite dishes that best reflect their heritage. 

We are thrilled to offer visitors a culinary trip around the world, while highlighting ingredients that can be found in our own backyards,” says Laurie Simmonds, President and CEO of Green Living Enterprises. “Join us as we applaud the community, vibrancy and diversity of our country through the many tastes of its global kitchens.

Some of the fare available at the Taste Ontario, Taste the World food pavilion includes:

TIBET — Chef Tsewang Chodon from TC’s MoMo will be preparing vegetarian and beef MoMos and vegetarian pasta noodles. @tctibetanmomo.

HAITI & SCOTLAND — Chef Daniel Holloway from Urban Acorn Catering is serving a Haitian black bean Accra with red pepper Ti Malice, cabbage Pikliz and fried parsnip chips and a Scottish lox with house-smoked carrot, chive and potato scone topped with creamed edamame and dill crème fraîche. @UrbanAcornCa

SPAIN & LATIN AMERICA — Chef José Arato from Pimentón is serving up paella and mini arepas. @PimentonTO.

FRANCE — Lavelle Chef Romain Avril is sampling a honey cake with honey lavender ice cream and honeycomb plus a terrine with pickles and crostini. @chezlavelle.

MEXICO Santo Pecado chef Paola Solorzano will be showcasing a re-interpretation of the iconic tacos on the streets of Mexico City with a vegan three sisters taco and a pulled chicken tinga taco. @santopecadoTO.

CANADA —PEI Foods Chef Robert Pendergast celebrates his Acadian and Irish ancestry through food, music and art and will be serving chicken fricot stew, oysters with a wild blueberry mignonette and a sweet apple cake with maple. @ChefPendergast.

CANADA — European culinary traditions influence the creations of de la terre bakery + café Chef Jan Campbell-Luxton. @delaterrebakery.

SYRIA — Chefs Dalal Al Zoubi, Manahel Al Shareef, Ektimal Al Khabouri and Wafa’a Abo Horan are offering the finest from Karam Kitchen —Halloumi cheese pita, vegetarian kibbeh made with Ontario bulgar and falafels. @karamkitchen

CHINA — Hawthorne Food and Drink Chef Ricky Casipe uses the neighbourhoods of Toronto as the inspiration behind his menus, using local, seasonal and sustainable products whenever possible. @hawthorneto

INDIA — Veggie Samosas, Tandoori Chicken Katchumber Salad are on offer from the Magic Oven and chefs Tony and Abby Sabherwal. @magicoven.

MOROCCO — B’Saha Restaurant brings Moroccan street food to Toronto. Sample Chef Otman Haouzi’s Merguez Sandwich and roasted Ontario beet salad with créme fraîche @bsaha_to.

BELGIUM – Jan Vandenbroeck of Wafel Huis makes the real and rare authentic Belgian sugar waffle (free of any additives), topped with seasonal fruits and whipped cream.

ITALY – Chef Anthony Lamacchia of Porcello Cantina, serves family inspired recipes from Southern Italy with a local inspiration, resurrecting childhood favourites. He will be serving arancini, meatballs and garlic ndoni bread knots. @porcellocantina

COFFEE — Roast Magazine’s top micro-roaster of 2016, Propeller Coffee Co. is passionate about sustainably sourcing, roasting and distributing the world’s best coffees. Head Roaster Jonathan Cox will be pouring drip coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, cold brew and a selection of teas. @propellercoffeeco.

WINE & MEAD — As Canada’s first winery and meadery, Rosewood Estates Winery produces both wine and mead (honey wine) using estate grown grapes and estate produced honey. @rosewoodwine.

WINE — Southbrook Vineyards is Canada’s first winery certified as both organic and biodynamic.  @SouthbrookVineyards.  Megalomaniac is a 110-acre winery resting a top the Niagara Escarpment.@Megalomaniacjhc

CRAFT BEER — Promoting the best craft beer in Ontario, The Griffin Gastropub is bringing a broad selection of 18 brews and ciders to the Green Living Show. @griffingastro.

SPIRITS — Beattie’s Distillers creates potato vodka from the same land the family has been farming for a century with sustainability at the forefront. @BeattiesDistillers.

Food tickets are available for purchase at the Green Living Show Box Office on the main floor of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building and on the main show floor in the Delicious Local Food & Drink Pavilion. All dishes are $4 and under!

BONUS: Admission includes one FREE sample ticket to the gourmet Food and Wine Pavilion. Not applicable to children 12 & under, must be 19+ to purchase or consume alcohol.


• Show your PRESTO card or April METROPASS
• Show the Live Green app on your phone
• For all WWF CN Tower climbers – register here!

The Green Living Show takes place April 7th to 9th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For more information on living a healthier more sustainable lifestyle, please visit greenlivingshow.ca. Join the conversation on Facebook, follow the Green Living Show on Twitter and Instagram @GreenLivingPage.

 Green Living Show

The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest consumer show dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This three-day event offers inspiration for all ages and features influential speakers; innovative products; eco home and garden design; local and organic food and wine tastings; health, wellness and yoga pavilions; eco fashion and green beauty makeovers; electric car test drives; nature exhibits and fun activities for the entire family.

 About Green Living Enterprises 

Green Living Enterprises is Canada’s leading cause-marketing agency focused on social and environmental program development. Our team is led by award-winning industry experts in the fields of brand and program development; custom content; advertising, marketing and communications; and event management. Green Living Enterprises also includes Greenlivingonline.com and The Green Living Show, Canada’s largest consumer show, dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Discover Innovation at the 2017 Green Living Show

TORONTO, Ont. — At this year’s Green Living Show, taking place April 7th – 9th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, you’ll find some truly ingenious products that combine innovation and sustainability.

 Some of the top innovations you will find on the Show floor include:

 Crazy D’s All Natural Soda
by Crazy D’s All-Natural Soda Labs (Food and Beverage)

Soda without the guilt. Crazy D’s All-Natural Soda, a fizzy beverage hand-crafted in Toronto, uses the science of nature’s prebiotic root vegetables instead of sugar to achieve a hint of sweetness. Crazy D’s sodas are available in three flavours: Ginga’ Kick, Thrilla In Vanilla, and Rockin’ Rolla Cherry Cola.

 LIFT Bike
by Revelo (Transportation)

Revelo’s LIFT (Light Instant Folding Transport) folds in a swift seven seconds, making it the fastest folding, easiest rolling and most portable performance folding bike on the market!

 Yoga Leggings
by Inner Fire (Fashion)

Besides offering all of the qualities of standard yoga leggings — such as moisture wicking, breathable, quick drying and a wide waistband that stays put — these leggings, handmade in Vancouver, BC — are made from BPA-free recycled water bottles.

 The Nutritower
by Nutritower (Home and Garden)

Imagine enjoying food that’s never travelled further than from your kitchen to your plate. The Nutritower is a revolutionary new appliance that lets you grow fresh produce in the comfort of your own home. With its vertical design, its integrated lighting and its top-of-the-line technology, you’ll be growing food year round.

 Stainless Steel Containers
by Dalcini Stainless (Family)

Dalcini Stainless Steel Containers are made of high-quality stainless steel, the kind used in hospitals and commercial kitchens around the world for nearly 200 years. All products are carefully designed with no interior seams, no tight corners, and no complicated lips, seals or clasps (where harmful bacteria often get trapped). They are 100% plastic free (including lids, seals, straws) and best of all, they are 100% dishwasher safe.

 Healthy Dog Treats
by Wilder & Harrier (Pet Care)

Wilder & Harrier creates dog treats made from whole crickets dried-up and ground into a fine powder. Known as cricket flour, this powder is a superfood, full of important nutrients like Omega-3, which are hard to find in most animal protein, essential amino acids, vitamin B-12, iron, calcium and fibre. It is also very high in protein – actually twice as much as beef – and low in fat and calories.

 Ritual Box
by AHLOT (Health & Wellness)

AHLOT is disrupting decades of stigma by crafting a new, confident ritual around cannabis use. The AHLOT Ritual Box has a thoughtful, modular design, creating beautiful experiences for discerning cannabis enthusiasts. Each Ritual Box Includes: storage vessel, portable pre-rolled case; preparation tray; herb grinder; hemp-wick; beeswax candle; ultra-slow; burning papers; organic cotton filters; AHLOT matchbox.

 Vegan Cashew Cheese
by Fauxmagerie Zengarry (Food)

Fauxmagerie Zengarry offers a line of all-natural, dairy-free, cashew-based cheeses. Made in Glengarry, Ontario, these cheeses feature fresh ingredients like cold-pressed organic coconut oil, local organic garlic and fresh herbs and spices.  These cheeses are never heated above 100 degrees F to maintain and protect naturally occurring vital enzymes that aid in digestion. Glengarry also lacto-ferments the cheeses for 24-48 hours to culture probiotics that aid in digestion and help maintain a healthy intestinal micro-flora.

 20/20 Armor
by 20/20 Armor (Health & Fitness)

The electronic taekwondo chest protectors by 20/20 Armor bring a video game to life. Created by a team of Olympic Taekwondo experts and modern hardware and software engineers, this vest boasts a practical and simple to understand scoring method, which attracts and retains kids to practice taekwondo, and make it easier for fans to follow and enjoy. The vests also provide real time feedback to athletes and coaches to help improve performance.

 Vita Active Kit
by Fitglow Beauty (Fashion & Beauty)

Fitglow Beauty uses formulas that protect ingredients in liposome plant stem cells to rebuild skin health. The VITA Active Serum nourishes skin with Niacinamide, Plant Stem Cells, Bearberry, Peptides, Astaxanthin, Seaweed Brighteners, High Level Bio-Lipids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Turmeric and Aloe Vera to diminish spots, freckles, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and increase skin elasticity.

 Black Out Bulb
by Black Out Bulb (Home & Garden)

The Black Out Bulb (Safety BOB) is a CSA-approved energy-saving LED that uses its built-in, rechargeable battery, during a power outage. This bulb works just like a regular light bulb but it takes no special effort to install, and has an amazing average lifespan of 50,000 hours! It will fit any regular socket, and with the options of soft or bright lighting, in 7 or 9 watts, you still get the same opportunities for creating a mood in your home that you would with conventional bulbs.

 About the Green Living Show

This April, visit all of these sustainable companies plus 400 more at the Green Living Show, taking place April 7-9, 2017, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For more on leading a healthier, greener lifestyle, please visit greenlivingshow.ca. ‘Like’ them on Facebook, or follow @GreenLivingPage.

About Green Living Enterprises 

Green Living Enterprises is Canada’s leading cause-marketing agency focused on social and environmental program development. Our team is led by award-winning industry experts in the fields of brand and program development; custom content; advertising, marketing and communications; and event management. Green Living Enterprises also includes Greenlivingonline.com and The Green Living Show, Canada’s largest consumer show, dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Canada’s largest healthy living Show, dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, April 7-9. Now in its 11th year, the Green Living Show will be the biggest and best yet!

Taste the best in local food and wine, discover thousands of eco-friendly products, drive the latest green cars, experience interactive exhibits, enjoy inspirational speakers and so much more!
Don’t miss out on your chance to explore the latest innovations in green living, helping create a healthier you and a healthier planet.
For more information, visit: greenlivingshow.ca
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building
255 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 2W6
Friday, April 7 — 12 – 9 pm
Saturday, April 8 — 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday, April 9 — 10 am – 6 pm
Adults: $12 Online $15 Onsite
Seniors (65+)/Students: $10
Children under 12: FREE (must be accompanied by an adult)
School Group Rate: $8.00pp (10+persons)
Box office special: Friday evening: $10 after 4pm! (save $5 on regular Adult admission)
Free re-admission all weekend
BONUS: Admission includes one FREE sample ticket to the gourmet Food and Wine Pavilion. Not applicable to children 12 & under, must be 19+ to purchase or consume alcohol.

Thank you so much and see you there!
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