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I was kindly sent these sweet and adorable lip glosses shaped as lollypops for review purposes. How incredibly CUTE! I’m so in love with them. The cutest packaging and I absolutely love them! These are called Flickable and they feel amazing on the lips. They give beautiful shine. They are vegan and cruelty free. They taste good and feel good on the lips and they don’t dry my lips at all. They actually make my lips soft and smooth. I love all the flavours and they are absolutely my favourite. I highly recommend them.


Available exclusively at the Hudson’s Bay

Coming off an unprecedented success at Cosmoprof Bologna, and soon to be seen in countries all around the world, Flickable, a vegan and cruelty-free lip gloss, has arrived in Canada. Eye popping with a universally recognizable shape, this gloss stands out in a crowd and in your bag!


Vibrant, unique and fresh, Flickable is a decadent gloss that comes in a nostalgic lollipop case; making it a guilt-free treat for your lips. Voted one of Hudson Bay’s Top Spring Picks, Flickable lip glosses are a necessary addition to anyone’s beauty blender. The Canadian launch is well-timed, with Google Trends reporting vegan beauty and skincare as hot searches on-the-rise for 2017.

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With outstanding sparkle and shine, the gloss gives a hint of natural volume that plumps and primes, addressing all of your lips’ needs. Cosmetics as seductive as candy, the glosses come in five deliciously witty flavours and colours that compliment every skin tone and style with scents that will irresistibly stimulate the senses:



      Better Off Red 01: Berry

       Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy 02: Passion Fruit

     Citrus How We Do 03: Tangerine

        Toffee Talk 04: English Toffee

        Fight for Your White to Party 05: Sugar Cookie

I love all of them and English Toffee is so yummy! 🙂


The award-winning product was developed by Kevin David and his wife, Catherine Banks. The pair wanted to offer a technologically advanced product that delivers one-of-a-kind results in a fun and creative design. David was passionate about producing something fresh, inside and out, that would standout in the saturated lip gloss stick world; and would be perfect for women of any age – fun for girls and flirty for women.


The proprietary application boasts an unprecedented non-sticky formula, delivering a gloss made from only the highest quality standards with an innovative and cool design aesthetic. Made with natural ingredients, the Flickable formula contains a blend of meadow foam sea oil, jojoba seed oil and vitamin E, providing ultimate moisture and softness.



Each colour boasts its own distinct scent and flavour providing decadent fashion with no caloric damage. The hues range from sheer to coffee with pops of pink and reds in between, meaning there’s a shade for every occasion – day or night!

Pick up your Flickable lip glosses today at a Hudson’s Bay store near you.

Your lips will thank you!

 Beyond kissable, feel lickable.


Thank you so much to Brill Communications for the samples!

I’m in love with these super cute and amazing lip glosses.

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The Essentials Collection by CLARINS


I’m here to share with you the beautiful: The Essentials Collection. This collection is in collaboration with the PUR PROJECT. “The partnership between Clarins and Pur Projet contributes to the Povos da Floresta reforestation project, which helps to preserve and protect Indian tribes’ rich Amazon ecosystem. With the purchase of this palette, a tree is planted in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and you are helping to support the Ashaninka Indians.”

The collection consists of a stunning Eye Make-up Palette and Lip Comfort Oil. The eyeshadow palette has lovely scattered annatto flowers all over it. I absolutely love this palette and the formula of the eyeshadows are soft, beautiful and blend nicely. They are creamy and smooth. The entire collection and collaboration with the PUR Project is truly amazing and powerful. I love collaborations that help communities.

“The small tree from tropical America produces pink flowers and red fruit in the form of a heart-shaped pod covered in thorns, containing red seeds. A symbol of power for the American Indians who associated its juice with the concept of eternal life, the annatto was used to dye food, objects and fabrics. In addition, it served as ritual body paint and lipstick, as it still does today in Aztec and Mayan communities.” -Clarins


The ten new eyeshadows are beautiful with rosy shades: fresh pink, grey-violet, taupe, violet grey, plum and black violet with a satin effect, beige, smoky pink, aubergine with a matte finish and a touch of pink diamond.

The Essentials Palette – $62.00

Available at Hudson’s Bay and on


For several years Clarins has worked with Pur Project to support Amazonian Indian Communities and in particular the Ashaninka, to help them maintain their autonomy. This has created strong ties. Today Clarins dedicates its new “The Essentials” 2016 Make-up Collection to these communities, to celebrate this special friendship. A collection with two exclusive editions, The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette and Lip Comfort Oil, enriched with key plant ingredient traditionally used by the Ashaninka as make-up.



I swatched  The Essentials Palette  and it applies nicely. I really love the warm colours and found the formula to apply evenly and smoothly. “The annatto seed is the star ingredient of this winter collection. Present in The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette eyeshadows, it helps provide comfort and in Lip Comfort Oil (red berry shade) it nourishes and comforts the lips. *Not shown in this blog post the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil $25.00

Eco responsible pack: A make-up palette that respects the environment.
The material used to make this palette was carefully selected following Clarins eco-responsible charter to reduce product volume and effects on the environment.



***When you buy a Palette, you can support the project and plant a tree, simply by visiting You will also receive a personalized certificate by email. ***

You can purchase “The Essentials” palette and lip oil at Hudson’s Bay or

*PR Sample. Thank you so much to CLARINS for this beautiful sample.

*PUR PROJECT: This organization carries out social and environmental projects in partnership with disadvantaged local communities to help regenerate preserve and stimulate native ecosystems.) holiday-blog-ending

#TakeyourChance CHANEL Launch Toronto

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Chance Eau Vive “You have a new opportunity” -CHANEL

The above quote speaks volumes for me!


I’ve had the most wonderful experience last week. I graciously received a VIP invitation by CHANEL to join them at the Launch of the new CHANEL Chance  at Yorkdale Mall in Hudson’s Bay. The CHANEL Chance Lounge was filled with various stations of entertainment. There was a makeup artist ( Kris Wares), DJ( Gimmemar) Photo booth, artist (Chris J. Nevin), Card reader and delicious food and drinks. I felt like I was transported to a magical place!  I took the chance and went to each station to have a new experience. I tried everything for the first time and it opened up my senses!




I had my makeup touched up by the lovely and talented Kris Wares. The lovely blogger in the photo is IG (@styleblogca). We chatted and she gave me many tips on how to apply makeup. I’ll be using these tips for my future video tutorials. 459245964597

I  took some lovely photos at the photo booth. I love photo booths so much because you get to keep those moments with you. Very nice touch to the evening.


Following the photo booth I had a Tarot card reading. It was my first time doing this. I wasn’t nervous at all actually. It was a positive reading and accurate too. Following my Tarot card reading the lovely artist Chris J. Nevin drew a sketch of me. I adore it and I’m framing it for my office.


I also had my hands massaged with one of the new creams. Did you know that all the Chance fragrances have lotions, creams, and they even have hair fragrance without alcohol! You’ve got to stop by The Hudsons Bay and smell them! They are amazing!



The Four  Fragrances

Chance Eau Vive ( A wave of energy. A boost of vitality, explosive character, floral-zesty)

 Chance eau FRAÎCHE ( Natural and casual, vibrant and sparkling, happiness and fantasy.)

 Chance eau Tendre ( A delicious caress. A burst of tenderness. A poetic whisper. Wrap yourself in CHANCE EAU TENDRE It is a soft and delicate fragrance.
A special moment to savour with chance. )

Chance  (Unpredictable by nature. Candid, sincere and joyful.
Go with the optimism of CHANCE. It is a surprising fragrance that is reassuringly authentic. A captivating one-to-one with chance.)

I tried them all and It was hard to decide on just one. I really love the Eau Tendre. I love the sweetness of it.  The bottles are beautiful, simple and elegant. I truly want them all in my collection.


Thank you so much to CHANEL for the invitation. Thank you to all the lovely people and artists. It was a magical and fun filled evening. I’m truly grateful and I will always remember the wonderful and special moments shared that evening.

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