Marcelle Flawless Foundation – REVIEW

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Hello my lovely friends!

I am here to share a review for Marcelle Flawless Foundation in Classic Ivory. I am truly grateful that I received this for review purposes and I must tell you I was the one who contacted Marcelle to review this product because I’ve heard to many great things about it. I wanted to try it out. I’m really grateful I did because I absolutely adore this foundation! It goes on so beautifully and it is soft and smooth. When I have this foundation on It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything and yet you get fantastic coverage! My skin feels really good wearing this foundation and the formula is very light weight. You can also build on the formula for more intense coverage. One layer is perfect for everyday wear and two layers for evening events.

Tonight I’m attending a special VIP Dinner and I will be wearing Marcelle Flawless Foundation. For pictures and more images on how I will look tonight follow me on twitter and IG @bestdayblogger

 I will be posting pictures LIVE at 6:00pm. 😀

 I love that the bottle is a pump! I also love how it glides on and its so smooth and silky on the skin. My skin feels really soft and smooth after the application. Very light and soft. The coverage is very good and the best part is that I can increase the coverage by applying more. I love that it is not a heavy formula and makes my skin feel so good. I’m truly happy and I will definitely be buying this foundation in the future. I highly recommend this foundation for everyone.  It lasts long and it doesn’t dry my skin at all. A very well rounded foundation that feels really amazing on the skin.   “An oil-free foundation that delivers sheer to moderate customizable coverage that will last you all day.” –MARCELLE.COM
 Thank you so much to Marcelle for the opportunity to review this beautiful foundation.

I’m truly grateful.

Thank you!

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