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Happy Sunday! I’m very excited to bring you new and exciting products from AVON. I’m always thrilled to share what’s new and happening with Avon Canada and I hope you feel the same way. Winter has my skin feeling very dry and I’m loving the Avon Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration and Daily Skin Defense In-Shower Body lotions. These are fabulous because they are time savers. Love the fact I can shower and be done.

The Moisture Therapy in-shower lotion comes in four different lotions. Daily Skin Defense, Ultra Hydration, Calming Relief, Intensive Healing & Repair. The two that I’ve been loving and using are the ULTRA HYDRATION Shea Butter and the DAILY SKIN DEFENSE with Vitamin A,C,E, B5 for Sensitive skin. Really wonderful and also Dermatologist Tested. These are $10.00 each. TIP: These don’t foam up like a shower gel. This formula is best applied with your hands. Not a sponge or loofa. Apply it like you would a cream and then rinse.

*PR SAMPLES Available in February.71.jpg

Spring is in the air! Not just yet but with these beauties it sure feels like it! These smell so amazing and feel good too. Limited Edition Skin So Soft Comforting Shea Collection is available as of March 2018. Comforting Shea the unique blend of natural shea butter with Avon’s signature oils makes your skin feel nourished and comforted in a cloud of softness. This formula foams up really nicely and lathers beautifully! This comes in a Body Butter $9.00, Hand cream $6.00, Body lotion $10.00, bath oil $22.00 and creamy body wash $10.00.



Sculpt & Glow

Avon True Colour Transforming Contour Stick

Silky powder-gel glides on for smooth coverage $18.00

All over Glow Powder $18.00

Targeted Glow! Avon True Colour Illuminating Stick $14.00

*PR Samples



Savannah Blooms Nesting Bags with Dew Kiss Lip Dew Includes Dew Kiss Lip Dew and two nesting bags all decked out with Savannah-inspired designs $24.00, Mini Tweezer Set $12.00. Available as of February 2018 trough an Avon Independent representative or at *PR Samples and candy not included ;D


Thank you so much to AVON CANADA for the lovely *PR samples! Truly wonderful!

Have a magical Sunday everyone! Much love and Happiness!

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  1. Do you know if Avon is available for order online? I REALLY want that tweezer set… there used to be a girl who sold Avon in the office but she doesn’t work there anymore! Haha… I want the candies, dammit!

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