Dear October…

You have taught me so much! I didn’t have the opportunity to do everything on my October Bucket List but I’m grateful for the things that I was able to do October. Your beauty radiates and touches my soul.







The first three weeks of October I had blog posts and vlogs going up and I was so happy to share them with you. Currently I’m taking care of my father so I don’t have that much time for my hobbies but hopefully some creative posts will be developed during November.

October was challenging, beautiful and cozy. I was able to bake and do house work. I had blog posts scheduled and things were running smoothly.

October taught me to be patient. I can’t say that for my feelings though. They were all over the place and I am still very tired and emotional and I am finding it hard to find motivation. Life can be very challenging and hard. The smallest thing will knock my feelings so low. I have a vision on how I would like to live life and I have no control to make it happen. This frustrates me and is breaking me down.

I am grateful don’t get me wrong. But I am tired. I take on too much and I push my self too much. I’m living and learning.

October taught me not to control things as much. I’m just letting go and going with the flow. Sometimes I see things in my mind the way that I would like things to be, but life has other plans. I have a little cry and move on.

October had beautiful moments. I enjoyed baking, making art and loved photographing nature. I loved dressing up the kiddos for Halloween and we had a lot of fun. It was all very nice. I’m grateful for each moment and I pray and hope that November will be productive and beautiful too.

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween 🎃 👻

I baked all day and made candy apples, caramel popcorn and yummy cupcakes. I made jello and a delicious dinner. Everything was amazing. Best part was my girls. They dressed up and were happy. I am most happy when my girls are happy.

I took a few photos with my phone this October. Beautiful fog photos and Autumn leaves. Nature’s farewell is truly breathtaking.

I wish you all a beautiful November. I pray that you are all well, happy and healthy. I wish you all the best my friends. I hope that I will have a post up sometime in November. Thank you all for following my journey. Much love and gratitude. Thank you all!

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