In the Artist Studio With Maria Medeiros Original ART

I've always wanted to share pieces of my artwork with you that are not up for sale. I also would like to let you know I have original paintings in my ETSY store that are available for purchase! I will be adding smaller pieces and cards soon. It's easy to read "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" … Continue reading In the Artist Studio With Maria Medeiros Original ART

Do What You Love!

Happy February! Do you wake up everyday and do what you love? Do you look in the mirror and tell your self that you are special and amazing and beautiful and important? I hope you do! I'm here to remind you that YOU are very special and important. I want YOU to do what makes … Continue reading Do What You Love!

MetamorphosisByMaria Happy Paint Party Friday!

  As I sit in my little office, I have a candle lit and I'm playing Autumn music on my phone. Soft autumnal music is so soothing. It's dark outside, clouds have gathered and the cool Fall air is refreshing.  I'm feeling good. I feel very positive and happy. I'm really excited to share with … Continue reading MetamorphosisByMaria Happy Paint Party Friday!

Huge News! It’s a Celebration!

I'm super excited and very happy to share my news with you. I've opened up my own art store on ETSY!  I'm really excited to share my art with the world! The feeling is INCREDIBLE! I feel like I'm flying in the sky! This is something that i've wanted to do for a long time. … Continue reading Huge News! It’s a Celebration!