Clarins Mission Perfection Serum -REVIEW

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The skin is luminous and even again. Your natural skin tone is respected and its beauty enhanced. The most beautiful skin tone…is mine! -Clarins

I kindly received the Mission Perfection Serum by  Clarins in my Gift bag at the Launch Party  which took place at the beautiful and magnificent Toronto Ritz-Carlton Hotel. I also received and reviewed the amazing Multi-Active Creams. The Mission Perfection Serum is truly amazing as it fights pigmentation disorder and restores a luminous completion without altering your natural skin tone.

The skin is a real system of intercellular communication and is composed of thousands of cells which interact and exchange messages. Within this system, skin tone or colour is determined by the process of pigmentation. Skin pigmentation relies on a well-known cell. the melanocyte. -CLARINS


The Mission Perfection Serum helps with dark spots, dyschromia, shadowy areas, acne marks, dull complexion, redness. The formula is infused with Acerola extract and ginkgo biloba.  The Acerola helps block the wrong messages and the Ginkgo Biloba restores the skins reflection. The ginkgo biloba helps restore the reflection of light on the blood pigments and minimize redness. The skin glows from within and the complexion is incredibly radiant again.

Exosomes are cell messengers sent by keratinocytes to melanocytes. When they are exposed to aggressions (UV rays, inflammation), they carry the “wrong” messages which are involved in the overproduction of melanin. -CLARINS


In the formula there is a Skin-Perfecting Pigment and this layer prevents the reflection of light. The Serum contains gentle fruit acids to help reduce the look for pigmentation marks. It gives the skin a smooth texture, along with skin-perfecting pigments to instantly illuminate and even the complexion. The reflection of light is maximized on the skin surface and the complexion appears radiant. The immediate correcting effect is truly fine and instantly smooth. It leaves the skin looking beautiful with enhancing veil of light. This is a universal coral shade perfectly adapts to all skin tones from the fairest to the darkest.

The Acerola is a powerful plant extract that has the ability to block the wrong messages which cause pigmentation disorders. This way it reduces overproduction of melanin through its action on the exosomes. A normal level of production is restored, to ensure a unified complexion and the respect of natural skin tone. -Clarins

I’m absolutely loving the Mission Perfection Serum. I’m seeing results and loving it. I love the formula and feel that it is truly beneficial and vital to my skin care routine. I highly recommend this Serum if you have pigmentation disorders like dark spots, dyschromia, shadowy areas, acne marks, dull complexion and redness. It has helped my skin a lot and I’m feeling and seeing amazing results. I’m truly grateful that I received this serum in my gift bag and I highly recommend it!


Acerola extract: blocks the “bad” messages at the origin of pigment issues.
Hexylresorcinol: contributes to reducing the formation of marks at the source. Gingko biloba extract: helps bring back radiance to the skin by promoting cutaneous microcirculation. Soft fruit acids: erase pigmentation defects, smooth skin texture on the surface and maximise light reflection.  Pigment perfectors: instantly illuminate the complexion while evening it out. –CLARINS

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You can find the Mission Perfection Serum at  Clarins.CA

Retails for $68.00 30ml

*This is not a  sponsored post. This is not an AD. All opinons expressed are all honest and true.

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