Dear March…

You really taught me a lot about patience. The Kitchen is coming a long and not having a kitchen is really difficult for me because I love to cook for my family. On a positive note the snow is melting away. The winter has been so long. I am so happy that spring has arrived. … Continue reading Dear March…

Thursday Pick-Me-Up! Cocoa Banana Smoothie

Hello and happy Thursday! I've decided to start a series for every Thursday called Pick-Me-Up. The reason behind this is that by Thursday I totally need an energy drink, smoothie bowl or healthy snack with vitamins and all the good stuff! I really need a healthy PICK-ME-UP do you? Today's Pick-Me-Up recipe Drink is Cocoa Banana … Continue reading Thursday Pick-Me-Up! Cocoa Banana Smoothie

Great Summer Drinks! Black Fly Beverages – Review

I was kindly contacted to try Black Fly Beverages. I received Vodka Sour Raspberry and Gin Tom Collins. I agreed because I like fruity drinks and wanted to check out the flavours and quality of the product. I'm not a huge drinker but I always like to have a nice summer fruity alcoholic beverage and I … Continue reading Great Summer Drinks! Black Fly Beverages – Review

Summer Fresh!

  Hello my wonderful friends! The weather is warming up so nicely and I just feel so inspired by the weather, my garden and everything around me. I wanted to share with you some refreshing cooling and hydrating recipes and creative ideas for the Summer. The recipes in this blog post are fantastic for Summer … Continue reading Summer Fresh!

Green Juice

Here is the Green Drink Combo  This combo is delicious! Green Drink Combo  4 or 5 stalks of Celery 1 Avocado 1/2 Cucumber a handful of Broccoli 1/2 lemon 1 apple 1 pear  P.S The Pulp makes for a fantastic mask and if you add sugar it makes a great scrub! For more follow me … Continue reading Green Juice